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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


Oh, I likey!!! Dang, a day too late to get one of those in my shipment!


Looks good from a foot away, but close inspection shows small flaws I don’t like. Had to use the fc grommets for a little extra lift. Camera power plug can be seen contacting the inside of the canopy roof, and skirts are just about 1mm short on my usual cut. It’s not terrible but I’m a perfectionist. Would be so nice to pop into fusion right now, make a few changes, and have a new revision. All in all I’m not upset with it as this camera didn’t exist when I made the mold. As soon as I have some baseline stuff modeled - we’ll open the new thread.


There is one of those in your shipment!


D’oh! Woohoo! I thought that was a new design, but your new one it the Mohawk… right… got it. Punchy from a couple late-night work sessions this week.


But up tilt came right on 30 degrees. That’s my magic number for whoop speed. Time to get some pylon practice in!


You got a good mix! I liked your selection even if you didn’t know exactly what you picked!! Lol. Can always send you more! Shipping is only like 3$


Not enough H’woops… yet.


Kinda late to this thread… but if any of you are selling canopys I’d love to buy some! My whoops are in desperate need of them :wink:


What happens when you get disoriented and full throttle inverted straight into asphalt from 50ft on an 8.5mm rig with the double thickness .030 Mohawk canopy… your hair just gets a little messed up!

@PJC was right - these things hold their own


My flame ones look like that after some usage and crashing.
Excuse the not so beautiful mounted cam/lens on the right one. Messed it up a little during multiple installation and replacement attempts. This one has a (damn) beecore in it on the pic.
Left one is flying with stock inductrix FC.

I urgently suggest to put some insulation between Cam and FC.
As already posted I killed a diode on one of my beebrains. Haven’t used insulation.
On the second one I used kapton tape. But had a hard upside down crash and killed it too.
I use foam tape now.
Sent the two beebrains to @las who was willing to help and try to fix 'em. Got them back today and it seems like he did a great job. Just had a short test flight with one and it seems to work. Further testing of it and the second one hopefully will follow tonight.
I’ll post results.


I wonder if curing time has anything to do with durability. The carbon fiber one I’m testing cured for a month and still hasn’t got a scratch. I just pounder it upside down yesterday too. I’d be curious to see if you continue to sustain damage or if it seems to toughen up beyond this point if you’re willing to keep running it.

Side note, a red sharpie will hide your road rash nicely!


Also, make a close inspection of the damage for me if you could… does it look like the clear flaked off taking the hydro graphic with it? That to me would indicate that the canopy flexed in a crash beyond the mechanical limits of the clear.

We could do another round of testing with clear plastidip as the top coat. Would definitely not have any issues with that being too brittle and delaminating. Only issue there, is if you rash it too hard - it could start a peel that it is so well known for.

There are an abundance of clear coat options out there - 2 part mixtures, different k ratings, acrylic, enamel, epoxy based… The unfortunate thing is that most are so pricey that they would again be cost prohibitive to what we feel these things are worth.


This is where the styrene as an alternative material for the canopy itself “sort of” excells. It is a brittle plastic that will not flex like hdpe. If you hit hard enough to crack the clear - you probably cracked the canopy.

Oh well… how about a chime in from @Bobnova & @PJC with damage reports. My buddy over on rcgroups seems to have just shelved his to fly larger brushless :frowning: . @burtlo has one now so I’m sure he will report back soon - his has had a close enough to full cure time.


Everything got busy and I haven’t flown :frowning:
I will soon though!


Good, that’s better curing time. I’ve been using your foam tape idea between the canopy and antenna post and like it. After having bare circuit board against canopy in crashes … it was leaving little poke marks…


Wasn’t me, I remember that coming up but can’t claim credit. I’ve been using hot glue.

I’ll probably tape the painted ones​ though, the glue is brutal to remove.


I haven’t mounted mine either… caught up in a micro brushless build and issues with my Atoms, which are now flying just fine, thank you.


OK well, I also now suggest a small piece of foam tape on top of antenna pcb if antenna is soldered upside down leaving bare board to poke into the canopy


Use some isopropyl alcohol. Apply it onto the glue and parts it’s sticking to and wait a short time. Maybe do that 1-3 times and the hotglued should peel off quite easily.


I’ve crashed my “Carbon Fiber” one a lot practicing flying under cars and in and around my vehicles and it doesn’t have a scratch…well, it has some very minor surface scuffs, but nothing that affects the “CF” of it. In my 4 or so pylon races, I flew it straight into the side of my house at the end for speed and best time and nothing bad happened.