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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


We’re close, at least I’m working with the Mohawk now…


Not sure what’s happening today with eBay - but I just watched 5 orders come in throughout b the day today. Fyi - was averaging about 1 every 3 days before. Either you guys are telling your friends to support me, some universal effect of negative publicity, or what … but I just want to voice my thanks here - in the place where it all started and to the community that supported me. You all know who you are - and your efforts came together today to lift my spirits on the project!


Wow, wtf to read 'bout all this trademark hassle. What a shame Jesse didn’t contact you directly before the steps he did.
Definitely keep on going, think you know what to do which is proven by your reaction and response.
Keep us posted.

All I have to say I really like your canopies so far. Great looking, durable and lightweight.
Wanna have more of them for all my frames!
Really interested if they hold up and are as durable on a micro brushless build.
Keep, on doing such a great job @NotFastEnuf.


My parts for a hell whoop inspired build are in the mail. Dys1102, 6a individual escs, femto, and pico X clone - chaser88 frame (I like the tabs that extend out on those 2 which seem like they will accommodate a canopy nicely). We will soon find out! I think the .030 plastic that pjc is running on his brushed build and that I’m setting up on mine for the whoop races will be fine for sure, but I will test .015 on brushless first. I really want that as light as possible




aug 4 2015 was the first i saw of a cam on inductrix.
hell diver sent blade a vid and they told him “this is not recommended, it is also not what the craft was designed for…”


It reminds me of Gary Fisher “inventing” mountain biking. He was one of a few guys ripping down Mt Tam. Joe Breeze built a custom bike specifically for that run. When Fisher saw it he decided he wanted one too. When Joe was done building it for him Gary called it a mountain bike. All he ever did was coin a term. He didn’t invent the cycling. He didn’t invent the bike.


Unfortunately, this is a scenario that has repeated itself over and over throughout the history of humanity. Like Italians claiming “pasta” and “ravioli” as their own, when in reality it was the Chinese who invented noodles and dumplings many centuries earlier. :wink:

I think I enjoy the “originals” as much as the derivatives. The more the merrier! :smiley:


True Story:

I used to work at Slacker Radio (internet music company) and we were putting together our Marketing materials and website. Slacker is on mobile, xbox 360, cars, home, and other devices, so for our mobile page we wanted to showcase that we were on Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, so i made a graphic at the top with all those phones running Slacker.

About 2 seconds after we made the page live, we got a note from Apple (who, not two weeks earlier showcased us on iTunes and we thought we were tight with them) saying that we were breaking their rules on showing an iPhone.

Apparently (at the time) you weren’t allowed to show an iPhone with ANY other non-Apple device. They said if we wanted to use their phone (our #2 user base next to Android) to promote Slacker, we would have to ONLY show the iPhone on our Mobile page.

I guess my point is this. Brands are sometimes more powerful than the thing that it represents. And in my time of working with companies, if you don’t protect yourself to the nth degree, which may hurt innocent usage, some schmuck company will come in and take advantage and use your brand to make millions. It sucks.

Anyway…maybe one day I’ll be here bitching that some company is making “Whooping Is Not A Crime” stickers and selling millions of them, and I can’t stop them, but it really sucks that brands have to be crazy like this. :smiley:


I totally get it and respect his brand. But this case is more one of semantics than it is trademark or copyright violation. To me, “tiny whoop canopy” and “canopy for tiny whoop” are the same thing - except that one has a shorter number of characters and more easily fits an eBay search description (which limits the number of characters you can use). Legally, I can understand how they differ. If I were additionally throwing up his brand logo on my creation - it would be clear malicious intent. I was simply trying to get the appropriate search key words in the title using the fewest characters possible. A totally honest mistake. It makes things rather confusing for the average hobbiest to navigate when “tiny whoop” is both a brand and a “pop culture” phrase that is more often generically used to refer to a ducted craft with a camera regardless of the actual brand than it is used to refer to a product from Jesse’s store. I’m glad it’s not my lot in life to have to navigate that conundrum on a daily basis. Still confuses me why he bought them … I’ve actually sent copies of my molds to Ed P. His canopy builder. So not only does he already have them, but he has my molds too with the communication (I made to Ed) that I consider my designs open source and encourage him to use them as he pleases.

Jesse is absolutely correct that I am making “canopies that fit a tiny whoop” and have no legal right to make “tiny whoop canopies”

…but considering I’ve previously sent his builder my molds, encouraged them to use my designs as open source if they like, and am clearly just a freelance artist as opposed to a registered business - it’s just my opinion that it could have been handled more amicably on his part. It seriously hurt my feelings (yes I just said that) - so I reached out to my community support group (MMW community) - and you guys helped me feel better about it and stay motivated to continue development and stopped me from taking a sledge hammer to every tiny whoop hanging on my wall… I didn’t tweet, post on fb, instagram, rcgroups, or run it up any of the Internet’s other over abundant flag poles with flipping hash tags (whatever the duce those things do now). This project started here and to me this is home base. Nuf said. (too much really)


So… moving on. Mohawk is in active development to fit China frames and I had an idea tonight for something I’d like to call “The Big Block”. This inspiration came from @bicyclewrench’s request for the low profile canopy and approval of a top fuel style blower intake to hide his usb port. I want to also develop a regular canopy with the blower on top and some pipes on the side sort of rat rod style. What do you guys think?


I love that idea…


I’d also like to push myself to 3D model these designs so they can be shared open source - as an engineer - I’ve got the skill set… I just need to motivate. Admitting that here helps me stay accountable to the idea. This project needs to leave the dark ages of sculpting in plaster and enter into this century.

I’d also like to do more tutorials once open source molds are available to teach our community how to do this “on the simple” so to speak.


DO IT! There, motiVATION! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually that’s my degree (BFA in 3D Computer Arts) and worked at Lockheed Martin Space and Missiles back before I came to California. :slight_smile: If you need suggestions, etc. just let me know!


Thanks man, I grew up with a professional artist as a mom -so I gravitate to my skill set from the arts. Heck, even prefer it. I get the feeling you can appreciate that. I’m excited you’d like to jump in. I think we should use sketch-up to develop so that there is easy access to anyone that wants to jump in and offer up a revision. What do you think?


I have access to a lot of 3D software, and you know what I used when I made some 3D printed prototypes for some Polaroid camera projects…SketchUp! It’s a great little tool.

The other one that is free and actually has a great “team sharing” component to it is Autodesk’s Fusion 360. It’s more powerful than SketchUp and easier to make smooth flowing surfaces. Either way, sounds cool to me.


I’ll follow your lead on that. Fusion 360 it is then. I’ll download it and familiarize myself with its tools tonight. This thread will probably go dark for a bit while I get up to speed. I think it may even be appropriate to leave it to rest completely and start fresh with something like "Open source whoop canopy design and diy tutorial"
Start off with a couple tutorial videos on basic how to, tips and tricks, and have links posted to files that we can develop. Is there a “github” type site we could use to organize revisions and master files?


There is a ton a great information in this thread spread out over an unreadable expanse of blather. LOL. Plus given recent events, it might be nice to put this away in a box, toss it in storage, and start fresh …


The tutorials are pretty nice. The program is kind of a new paradigm for building things, kinda like Solidworks, so don’t get too frustrated. I need to brush up on it as well. :smiley:


Thanks alot for taking up more of my time! I just downloaded Fusion 360 and did my first tutorial. Having a classmate, and a master craftsman nearby helps!


Discovered that the lens of the ef-02 is not glued as solid as the vm275t. Attempted an official “lens barrel” mount install with a bulldozer. It’s sooooooo close.