Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies

how about i send you some goodies in trade w a postage paid envelope:yum:

That’s a nice setup! A small shop vac is an excellent choice for this. It really allows alot of forgiveness with not having a perfectly smooth surface - clearly you don’t have that problem though! Excellent work on that plug. It looks great! PETG is a little harder to find as scrap plastic - most of what I over come across is PETE. It has more challenging properties that probably demand the even and controlled heating of an oven over a heat gun. There are lots of good options out there for plastic stock but for anyone wanting to do this on the cheap - milk jugs are really easy to work, and very light!

Gotta say, this is pretty sweet. Love the raw DIY nature of all this…Nice work and thanks for sharing, it’s invaluable research and development for the community. :slight_smile:

@Goober @NotFastEnuf
Did you guys build those boxes from any plans you found on the inter-webs, or just wing it?

Just wing it. Make a box, drill lots of holes - done! Mine is no where near smooth either but still seals up just fine under vaccuum with a small shop vac. The mullet mod guys even use a shoebox in their example! It’s fun - grab a milk jug, a stock canopy, and use your imagination with added objects to change the shape of the outcome. Alternatively, 3d printed plugs are all the technical rage - but in the end - anything that holds its shape will work. My 2 yr old wants me to make a Thomas the Train whoop from one of his toys. …I probably will :slight_smile:

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Ha ha, Awesome.

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The box i just winged - I’m fortunate to have access to a laser cutter and had some spare material. But all you really need is a shoebox!

Sorry, I meant to mention this:

The 3D printed part I molded onto was not my creation (the general idea [for me] came from him as well):
(you should check out some of his other youtube videos - there’s a good one regarding repurposing a scisky board for brushless use although I prefer repurposing an Eachine H8 with the acro firmware instead … )

The mount for camera is based on this:

I made some updates to both of them - nothing major. Gotta do a few more test runs and I do plan on publishing the remixed versions.

It works really well so far.
Mine is running a betaflight F3 board which actually runs sbus for FrSky…
The “upgraded” motors.
mylipo batteries.

It’s a blast! I’m surprised how much power it has! With this mod it’s a lot tougher.

Got a plaster cast of the makerfire / crazypony canopy done today. Gonna let some water based polyurethane set up on it for durability then it’s time to pull some more canopies.


This is very cool.

I was up in Seattle yesterday on a sales call and something caught my eye as I was walking through an alley to get where I was going. About a dozen empty 5 gal plastic jugs. Would have been a good score if I had time to do something like this. Nice flat sides so would have probably been enough to last quite a while and make a lot of these canopies.

Man, damn that I live in Germany. Otherwise I would ask if you would send me some of those. But I think shipping to Europe might be to expensive.
And crazypony doesn’t ship to Germany.

Maybe I’ll will be able to give it a try to do my own sometime. Recently I bought a house with my wife and there’s lot a hell of work to do the next month and not to forget all those planned and unfinished quadcopter projects on my list. Hmmh.
I’ll just fly my Whoops without canopy, haha.

I printed the buck and I’ve been saving hdpe milk containers. I know we have them, but have yet to find our needle point hoops.

I just duck tape a flat sheet from the milk jug on a wooden jig. It really doesn’t have to be an exact science. The vacuum is very forgiving. :slight_smile:

Got milk? Lol


how is the camera fitting in the slot?

I think it just sits in that seat.

It just friction fits down in there. There is a little notch that lines up the lens & there is a little bump on each side of the seat that helps grab the boards. I imagine it’s possible to jar it loose in a hard crash, but a little dab of white gorilla glue or a small piece of double sided foam tape would fix that. I haven’t had any problems with it but it’s still all new and tight. I have some kind of adhesive that used to come with foam arf airplanes that dries very light, gummy, and flexible. I never trusted it to hold wings on airplanes, but it seems perfect for this. Wish I know what it was. It’s always in a small unlabeled tube. Has a real solvent stink to it too. Anybody know what that stuff is?

Anyway, I think I’m just gonna let it sit in there, it fits pretty well. No need for unnecessary added weight. These things are ridiculously light and pretty darn strong! Wish I had a scale graduated small enough to weigh one.

It’s just too much fun guys…


I’m sure they will ship to germany and you get 3 for that price. Recommend asking for clear canopies and paint them yourself (you can then leave a window to see the channel leds without taking the cam out of the mount).

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Yeah, thx for the tipp.
Just ordered 2 beebrains at dronejunkie.
Forgot the canopies :see_no_evil:.

Getting carried away…