Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies



Ugh! :frowning:


So that’s the message I got moments ago from Jesse Perkins after he purchased 2 of my canopies on ebay. I gotta say, I think I’m gonna go smash all of my whoops now and never fly them again. Probably checking out at this point. Not that I’m intimidated - but it just takes all the fun out of it…to find out the originator is such a DB.

From now on in my house, the crap that my son’s take in their diapers will be referred to as a tiny whoop - nothing more. Let his lawyers contact me over that.


Tell him to fix his grammar and try again. Sent, is the word he’s after.

We need a new name for things along these lines, that doesn’t involve the w word.

And to hell with him.


Bonus post! Be interesting to see what’s involved in actually registering a trademark, and if he’s done it.
He may not actually own it.


Welcome to the litigious world! Checkout; it appears that you are competing against their canopies.

There are some alternatives, I am not a Lawyer (and I do not play one on TV), But usually changing the phrasing sightly or attribution may be enough to avoid trademark claims.


Oh man, that sucks! I worked with Jesse on the shirt I did, and he’s always been super nice and upfront about everything. Actually I was thinking of messaging him about how much I like your canopies to see if he could hook you up in his store…this is a bummer.

I can understand him wanting to protect his TM, but I think he could have handled it another way, especially after buying two of them. :confused:


There are over 2000 items on ebay using the phrase tiny whoop in the description. Does he have nothing better to do with his time but try to pick on me? Haha


Oh he’s not buying them. I canceled his order. Really trying to determine if it would be cathartic to tell off the “creator” - but that makes me equally a DB. I have a nice “go stick it” message all queued up to him… but I haven’t clicked send yet… hmmmm


Maybe we should talk to Jesse about it, as I understand it he can’t enforce anything as he didn’t trademark it early enough and the phrase is in common use. Tbh that doesn’t look like his style at all.


Stupid question. Do you have any way of verifying he is who he says he is?


Wow. Trademarks and making money. Bullshit all over the place.


Yeah, the paypal info from the payment verifies it’s him.


Do Not press sent.

This is a minor annoyance of doing business in the USA. I order to maintain his trademark he has to show that he defends it against improper usage.

You may be able to reach suitable agreement to keep every one happy.


(Sigh). So much for that.

Fair use? When someone makes an accessory that fits an established product I would think they’d have to use it in the name. As in “Trailer hitch to fit a Ford F150”.

Disclaimer. I’m a bicycle mechanic not a lawyer but…


Exactly. I’ve done nothing wrong… it’s more about the principal involved. @PJC - apparently “whoopin is a crime” lol. Anyway, I’ve asked PJC to contact him just to verify. If it is him, I’ll never fly a whoop again… All done.

I also did not click send on my message … sigh


The thing is your already looking beyond just whoop canopies, there’s a whole micro market exploding out there. Don’t get too riled by this, he’s a hugely over stressed guy these days with loads of people giving him advice and getting on his case for business reasons. Friends have told me he almost quit when it all started to get mad, it wasn’t his plan for it to go that way.


It’s not like the guy was the first to put a camera on a blade inductrix frame. :wink:
Just fly something cheap from BG! Works fine too - the E010s isn’t too bad for the price. So - we just need a new name for something on an inductrix like frame. I think TW ™ is a stupid name anyways. Suggestions anyone?

Other alternatives: Join the brushless forces - we have real ESCs and active breaking. But we don’t have super tiny rather silent motors.


Think Tim Conway circa early 1970s on the Carol Burnett show.

“Tiny H’whup”

As in “Aah, Mrs, H’Wiggins…”


So no reason for @PJC to verify. It was him. It’s his email, the Shipping address is where he has the business legally registered to…

Ugh, what a drag. All done w/whoops. Clicking order on the rest of my brushless parts…

I’ll still make canopies and sell them.