Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies

He is only sending letter to people in the States where US law applys. He can send letters to foreign sellers, they just ignore those letters.

This whole thing is about business. He is not telling you that you can not sell the canopies, just that you can not use two word together. Change the wording, attribute the owners of the trademarks. that is all that is needed. Do not let this get you down. It is a small bump in the road. Other have said it , better than I, it is about the words, and using those words to market products.

Your technique, your openness are spectacular. Please do not let this get you down.


Agreed, but being a fellow rc hobbiest - I would expect the same courtesy from him that we all show each other here and elsewhere in the hobby. Just because he is in business - is no excuse for such bully behavior - threats without asking politely first. A simple “hey man - love your canopies but the words tiny whoop belong to me” would have sufficed. Anyway - I’m not raising my sons to act like that. Just deplorable to report me to ebay and threaten lawyers before reaching out to me. I’ve left many a flying club behind in my 25 years in the hobby over such elitist attitudes - I’m not surprised they still exist. But the vast majority of us are more concerned with having fun and supporting each other. It’s a shame the “legal” originator of something that is so effective at attracting new people to the hobby is himself behinds the scenes - an example of the very cancer that exists among us in RC and in life.

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Confessions of an accused trade mark violator…
3 things I did before letting go of the entire incident:

Immediately posted my frustration and disgust on the internet. The phrase Tiny Whoop is so widely used without reference to his “brand” it should belong to the public.
I named this build the Perkins cause it has a punk mohawk and is just trying to look tough
This one helps me cope more with this annoying cartoon that my children have injected into my life but gave me a feeling of closure on the incident

Ok… back to making canopies. I’m over it. Thanks again for the support and encouragement guys. I appreciate you all so much!


“The Perkins” looks good. :slight_smile:

OMG, not Caillou!?! Argh! :dizzy_face:

Now back to work and the regularly scheduled canopy programming. :wink:

Yes sir! Back on task. These are headed out to @quadcrash! Thanks for the support man!


Lemme know if you do some stock E010s canopies. Maybe with clearance for the top mounted USB on the E010s board. I love your work but I prefer my builds low profile. :smile:

Bad news is still good marketing. I just bought some!


I was just about to ask of that was you!! Do you want any mix and match of styles/colors?
And thanks man!

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Oh! Heck yeah!

F*ckin’ Flames, please, and a Johnny Cash. Plain white for the rest, my Sharpies be itchin’. Thank you!


Can you pull a white one that you sharpie a grid on first, then post what it looks like?

I’m picturing the canopy version of those childhood Christmas ornaments where you draw on a large piece of plastic then it’s baked and shrinks a bunch and looks cool.


@burtlo Awesome, I need you to pick between the 2 shapes though. Look at the picture above (post 363) - bulldozer on right, mullet on left!

I’m more than willing to do custom work. Let’s give it a try!

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Really neat idea. I’ll do it!


Let me know how I can be of assistance!

Check out post 52, and 8,9,10. Then let me know what you are imagining and if you want to use the pins or adjust for fc screws to mount.

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Definitely on the pins. Screws are heavy! :wink:

My original thought had been to mold a standard canopy and then just cut a USB sized hole in it. I see from your blocking technique you have a better way. It would be tricky to make it look sleek but maybe an e010 station wagon canopy?

That’s crazy low profile, very nice.
Love the station wagon concept! Amusing and practical.

We can hide it under a top fuel dragster scoop! Will look beast!

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Mullet for the flames, Dozer for Johnny Cash, then one each in white. Thanks!!!

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You got it. Gonna steal the flamed mullet from @Chaotix’s tester shipment. Still haven’t sent it out yet - trying to get a 40x40 mohawk prototype finished for him. I’ll have to make him another. Tell him thanks! LOL