Using SQ8 camera with RC832 for FPV

I want to use this camera with my video transmission kit(RC832+TS832(5.8ghz)) but I couldn’t manage to connect the camera to the transmitter. It’s not made for fpv and it doesn’t have a cable wich you can directly plug in to the transmitter so I cut the head of the usb cable and connected the tiny cables(there are four tiny cables) to the transmitter in every possible way but it doesn’t seems to work. Can anyone please help?

Can I get a brand and link to product. Thanks

SQ8 Camera:
Video Transmission:

Transmission kit’s brand is Eachine I couldn’t find the brand for camera

You’ll need to go exploring in the camera to find an analog video source. USB is digital, the vtx doesn’t know what to do with it.
If you’re lucky the sq8 has two circuit boards, one for the camera function and one for DVR/saving to SD. If it is built like that one of the pins connecting the two boards will be analog video and you can solder a wire to that.

A much easier route would be to buy a camera built for fpv.

I second what @bobnova said, and the wires from the vtx are black (-), red (+), and yellow/orange (signal)

In this image you can see the cable of sq8. Can the yellow cable be the analog video out that you mention?

It’s worth trying! It’s analog video of some sort, whether it will match what the vtx is expecting or not I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot.

In my experience, when plugging into a tv or something’s like that the yellow jack is signal