Using lipo to power TX

I am Devo7e user and I still power it via rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. I have one lipo suitable for it but I am not using it… So those of you who uses lipos to power your TXes, how you do it? Do you, after flying, always put it in storage voltage or just leave it charged as it is? Sorry if questions are silly, but following lipo storage rules here is totally impractical :frowning:

Charge it, use it, leave it.

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Charge, use, leave till I need to charge again

I use lifepo4 pack in my DX8 and in my T8SG. Holds charge forever when not using and get a couple of flying days between charges. Been using for 3 years with no hiccups, I just charge whenever it gets down to 6.5 v.

Can you please post what exact cell you use? It looks like a better solution than lipo. Maybe I should get one .

I have a couple of these hobbico 2s 1300 packs but it looks like they’re discontinued. I see HobbyKing has a similar pack in turnigy wrapper.

I even hooked the balance leads to the charge plug in my DX8, for the T8SG I just remove the battery pack to charge.

Just make sure you get one that can fit in the sspace provided. Looks like this one might fit, though I dont know why its 2p, must be round cells stacked together.

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Many thanks for detailed info!