Upgraded to micro-LOSI and WOW!

I know this is a subject that’s been beat to death, resurrected, and then beat to death again a dozen times. But maybe it helps someone new having it refreshed.

I upgraded my Whoop and batteries from the stock 1mm micro-JST to micro-LOSI like Hubsan uses, and what an incredible difference. Flight times improved from 1:30-1:45 to a solid 4 minutes. Maybe a touch more. And much more punch, if you can say something this small has punch. :stuck_out_tongue: Power delivery is smoother and more regular throughout the flight.

This upgrade allows me to pull upwards of about 170mAh from my 200mAh E-flite batteries before LVC as opposed to as little as 40-50-60mAh with the old connector, really showing how badly restrictive the connector is when you’re pulling higher currents to fly with a camera. TX01 in my case. Batteries are a healthy 3.7-3.8v immediately after landing.

Thanks to everyone in the Micro Motor Community who are always finding new ways for us to enjoy our hobby even more!

Yeah buddy! I always say this is the best $1.50 upgrade you can make. I think people choose the PH2.0 more frequently, but the micro-losi is definitely much better than the JST1.25.

If you haven’t done it yet, do it!

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Yep! I’d have gone with the PH2.0 but I have bunches of old Hubsan batteries around and associated connectors.

Keep and eye on the contacts if you used non genuine ones as the plating wears very quickly leading to heat and decreasing flight times like the Molex picoblade (micro jst) you replaced. Once you’ve used up your old Hubsan ones a conversion to JST-PH2.0 is worthwhile. I’ve not noticed a degradation of the contacts in either genuine or cheap copy versions of those.

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That sounds awesome!

I’m still using up my micro JST batteries, but I’ve already bought JST PH connectors for the upgrade.

I just need to find a good and cheap vendor for 230 mAh JST PH batteries bc I’m too lazy to convert them myself lol!

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I just went through the same thing with my little 6mm LOS flyer. Replaced the older connector with a new one and the difference is amazing in both, power and flight time. Burnished the contacts on my other ones regularly and check the battery connectors when something flaky starts to happen.

I’ll repeat: It all starts with good, clean power.

Check out the BetaFPV batteries. Cheap and good so far.

Yeah. I saw those. They are dirt cheap. I was just waiting a while to see if they also puff after a short time.