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Uniform modified silicon conformal coating. waterproofing your drone experiment5


Well I just tried the coating on my beta fpv board and some advice, make sure it’s clean and completely dry, I did mine and thought it was dry from cleaning after an hour but it wasn’t, when I tried to boot up my front 2 motor’s were acting up and slower than the rear, flipping it over, and causing it to reset and disarm. after several hours under a fan it came back to glorious life. so now we’ll see how it handles rain this thursday. :smile: Oh and btw don’t get it on any buttons you need if your do they won’t work. got a little on my camera channel button and now it’s hard to switch bands lol live and learn


Some of the conformal coatings are UV phosphorescent so you can use a UV light to check for missed spots. I didnt realise this the first time i used it and when i checked my first job with a uv light found plenty of missed spots.


globing it on is a good way to make sure you dont miss any spots.


I saw one somewhere that wasn’t silicone, but hardened under uv light. I think it was some sort of nonconductive resin.


yeah I globed it all over and there were still a few spots it just wouldn’t take, oh well guess I’ll try the alcohol bath next one for cleaning. this one I just used electronic cleaner.


some key tips for conformal coating :slight_smile:

Do NOT apply an uneven layer to the gyro. This will probably mess up the gyro for sure. (live and learn)

Before even starting, preplan this!!! be sure to PLUG UP EVERY connector you plan on using in the future on the build (ESC pins, USB port, RX plugs, motor plugs, ETC.) EX. Literally take an old USB cable, and plug up that USB port before you conformal coat. Also, without a doubt be sure to plug up your 4in1 ESC harnesses… (Live and learn) Plug up EVERYTHING!!!

Let conformal coating dry for like 8hrs i believe too! If not cured properly it will scratch off easily, and wear off wasting your time and potentially ruining your equipment… Also, do not unplug any of those plugs during the drying/curing process… leave the build alone for 8hours before unplugging stuff…

Silcion modified conformal coating will literally fling flakes of itself EVERY WHERE when its wet if you get the liquid stuff from MG chemicals…Use a blacklight to help determine where the coating has been applied and where it has been missed.