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Unbreakable 3D printed drone! Pocket Quads 90mm LightSpeed 2"!


It weighs 44 grams without the battery. I use only 300mah 2s batteries and get around 4 minutes depending on how many punch outs you do.

It wasn’t very windy but micro quads in general aren’t affected by wind very much. The flight footage was actually when the frame was 84mm, I increased it to 90mm to reduce the propwash even further. It runs dynamic filtering 8k/8k with pt1 and all filters off except for gyro and dterm which are currently set at 130hz/110hz respectively for ultra low response time. I get no noise in the motors nor do they get warm. This is also with timing set to high and no demag comp. The frame is basically a soft mount itself.

The camera lens did not break in this test but has before when throwing it against a wall at 60mph. This is mainly due to the fact the props are bent down and no longer absorbing the impact. Also this test is far beyond what it would experience in real crashes. Camera lens’s are pretty cheap anyways and can be replaced without removing the camera.


Thanks for bringing me up to speed. I haven’t spent much time on rcg lately.

@Pocket_Quads - I was guessing a copolyester of some blend or composite … but as a materials Science engineer - you have my curiosity! I would gladly sign a nondisclosure to discuss your process with this polymer in private … but hope you decide to share your material innovation publicly!


Polyphenylen oxide / nylon blend @Pocket_Quads?
Are you extruding your own filament from Noryl?
I’m so curious. Lol


Already saw your work on RCG, very nice approach. To be honest, I’m not too much of a fan of the curvy look of the design.

You haven’t seen me crashing! Unbreakable is a super bold claim, I hereby claim I can break the frame (in a “real crash”, probably even with that motor/battery combo - but I would rather prefer 1106 and 4S :wink: ). I have to disagree about the camera lens part. A lot of lenses (the cool ones) are either pretty hard to find or not really cheap (e.g. genuine RunCam Micro Swift ~9.99USD, the cheaper probably working lenses on BG ~5USD). Only the super crappy 170° lenses are cheap to source.

I understand that this is most probably an pretty advanced build which is not for everyone (seemed you only wanted to sell complete builds), but I prefer to select my own components - and not building the quad means not flying the quad for me. :smiley: Any chance to get a frame kit (in the future)? If you want to see your frame tortured - I have some spare sets of 1106 5500KV/6000KV to burn and enough 300mAh/450mAh/480mAh 3S/4S lipos for some fun. If it can handle 60 mph… How about 75 mph? :smiley:


I do sell the frame you can find it on at https://www.pocketquads.com/products/lightspeedframe

I don’t think $10 is a lot at all for a major crash. The camera is protected better then a lot of rtf micros. I used to fly helis and the lightest crash cost $50, people have it easy nowadays.

I will have the lenses on the website soon.


You don’t need a hard crash to destroy a lens, you just need to aim right. :wink:
Your link seems to be 404. Is this the right link?

Shipping from the US to where I live is 1/3 the price of the frame… + import taxes (19% import tax for anything more expensive (including shipping!) than 22 EUR, plus a “walk” to the customs office to pick it up). What do you ship with? USPS?


Yes the shipping is USPS. I’m sorry your country has those things, I can’t control that.


Yeah I’m intrigued. There are only two quad frames I’ve flown a and haven’t broken, the flea 80, my build of which is 38g no battery and is 3mm thick cf, and the MMC build which is a 128mm that I haven’t crashed much.
To be fair, the tower hobbies qav210 clone I only broke the top plate.
Anyway, indestructible is quite the claim!

Do you think it’s stiff enough to deal with the spintech 8000kv race motors? ~250g thrust per motor.


Lifetime guarantee in legal practice does not depend on the company owners name.

's why i’m such a big fan of @NotFastEnuf ! work something out, share it with others, improve it and share it again - payment?

I’m back in the boss series thread…


Lol - @mcRich :wink:
Spoken like a true maker. Lol
Besides… everything is open source anyway. Just ask the Chinese :smile:
I say 30$ is a steal for the hundreds of hours that go into a project like this. As a maker myself - if i fell in love with the design… I’d gladly pay that price to have the material and design r&d done for me - then analyze the material and copy the design so I could make as many as I wanted/needed. It takes support from the community to innovate and develop new ideas which is exactly what @Pocket_Quads has done here! I follow with great interest and respect whether he open sources his design or not. Our hobby survives on the combined efforts of every member in the community- no matter where they fall in the spectrum between vendor and customer.

Great work @Pocket_Quads!!
@mcRich - come on back over to the Boss side & tell me what you want to see given away next!!! :smile:


Yes, @NotFastEnuf , i agree, back in the old days of flying they called it the Tupolev TU-144, nowadays you might name it like anything on BG :joy:

But let me state that clearly: Even if you might not read it between the lines i wrote above - there is deep respect the ones that create maybe things like the boss series or a pocket quad (have to mention many others too, that share their knowledge, experience, ideas, put them into forums and videos…). So, if i had managed to make something i find worth selling, i too would have smashed it into the wall, grinning into the camera: ‘look what i’ve done!’

Now i don’t mind anyone putting a lot of effort in sth. and then try to make some extra money of it…
But found this platform and i am absolutely amazed that the owner Mr. Chief Scientist does not use this a an extended marketplace for MMW. I like this forum and this community behavior so much i’m not so happy with marketing here.
But i will have to do some serious thinking about ‘combined efforts’…


Here is the 2" 90mm version’s final weight with hardware.


Very impressive


Here is the final weight of the bnf using above frame, xm+ receiver, runcam nano, eaglehawk 1104 motors, vtx03 and an xt30u connector.


Thats pretty hard to beat, with that durability. I want one but cant spend that cash right now sadly. Used up my quad budget for indoor flyers. Maybe i will get a frame when outdoor season is back in Sweden :thinking::blush:


Well, crap, with your video now someone will have to invent a G-shock FC holder to keep the gyro and acc safe!
…cause I actually fly like that😜 just usually into trees😂


@Pocket_Quads - how u strap in the battery?


Sorry that question wasn’t for me.
Duralock AND a Velcro strap
It’s on all my batteries and all my quads except my whoops. Just a band there.
For my Brushed I don’t use the Velcro
I’ve had battery ejections, but by the time it breaks free of both I’ve never had a disconnect or any FC damage.

3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB3561/TB3562 400/170 Clear 1 in x 10 ft (1 Mated Strip/Bag) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007OXK272/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_RkEkAb027885S


I highly recommend the rjx hobby Kevlar straps for big batteries/quads(the 210) and the much narrower rjx high strength 10x150mm (not sure on width) for microquads.

Silicone sticky pad stuff goes on the frame in both cases.

I haven’t had a full ejection, it pulled the lead out of the FC lead once when I crashed battery first into a branch (210), and ripped the middle out of the top plate another time (but the plate was still strapped to the battery! 210 again)
The smaller quads it’s never let go.

On the flea 80mm ultralight I use rubber bands and dual lock. It’s lighter, but much more likely to leave me with a dangling battery.

I tend to crash hard though.


There are 4 bands, two that strap that battery and two that provide grip on the frame. Works great and battery is held firmly. Clean connector placement keeps it out of the airflow.