Unbreakable 3D printed drone! Pocket Quads 90mm LightSpeed 2"!

Pocket Quads LightSpeed is a 3D printed drone that is lighter yet more durable then its carbon fiber counterparts.

The frame is composed custom designed unbreakable material. Weight with hardware comes in at 7 grams, half what many 2 inch frames are. The material has the consistency of rubber allowing for an extremely quiet and vibration resistant frame. The ability to absorb impacts protects both the frame itself and the electronics like nothing else.




Find more pictures on instagram at /pocket_quads


Anyone else feel like this is advertising? Lol

Yes 100%, lol…

Haha yeah.

I was throwing around the idea of designing a 3D printed frame for my 3 inch brushless, since my work recently got a MarkedForged that can print carbon fiber reinforced nylon.

Maybe he just forgot to post his stl files. Lol
… and that’s more than 7 grams of material. My 90mm boss frames are 5 grams and are a skeleton in comparison. I’d say it looks more like 13 grams of material with hardware.

@Imozeb - I imagine 3" is a hard size to design/print. Weights and therefore stresses go up big time from 2" to 3". I’ve got a tube frame ultralight 4/5" in the works with nylon/cf center section and motor mounts… also a 2" brushless boss frame intended for nylon/cf or abs in a pinch. But I’m skipping 3" all together. :smile:



With hardware 7g…Has it got frozen helium screws? Oh maybe the print is a perfect vacuum matrix thats then filled with hydrogen lol…

But by all means…if its real, show us how.


Been following this guys thread on rcgroups, no need to be so suspicious lol :slight_smile: The frame does actually look really good and he’s put a lot of thought into. Seems to fly really well

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That demo movie is absolutely cool. Good throwing technique. So good, nearly all blades are bent down or they are untouched, but the XT60 is bent up? :wink:
And the arms are too rubber-ish to handle prop imbalances. motor would dangle around like an elephants balls… er… make it an elephants trunk… in a hurricane…

i see “a” quad going around pretty nice, but not sure which one…

But… earned some clicks on youtube! 's how advertising works! :star_struck:

I agree it’s a nice design. But I’ve had a rubber quad before. They called it a babyhawk. It wouldn’t tune up to my standards. But I’m not a beginner needing an indestructible quad. I need one that tunes out. Anyway my respect is given on a beautiful design. I’d print mine in 20% cf not the 15% I’m guessing he used. Either way… I just can’t believe 7 grams. There is too much material there.

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The arms do not flex during flight at all. If it was actually rubber it would weigh a ton. Static thrust full throttle there is no visible flex. The arms are designed to bend in every way except vertical. It was atleast 800g of pressure to bend them the way I did in the video.

I have a 5 inch in the works, the arms can be longer.

I’m not sure what you mean by printing 20% cf, the frame has no carbon fiber nor does any carbon additive filament come close to what I use.

Here is a quick flight vid. Stock bnf I sell with 1104 7000kv motors on gemfan 2035 4 blades running 2s.

It uses 4x 8mm coarse threaded steel screws. Weight is .85 grams. It’s possible to use nylon screws but I don’t want to risk people getting them stripped and stuck in the frame.

Do you care to share what material you are using?
I am quite curious

Also I see that you have just joined us! I would like to offer you a sincere welcome on behalf of our community. Please forgive the somewhat abrasive responses of our members to your post. They typically send most vendors packing who only want to advertise and do not wish to participate in a forum environment dedicated to sharing knowledge, experience, teaching those that need help, and learning from each other. I hope you stick around to participate as its clear you are quite good at what you do. There are many here that would selflessly help you in your endeavors and many more that could learn a great deal from you. Welcome to mmc!


Heck welcome i like the idea but the next time you want to destroy some motors and camera please pm my and ill g ve you my adress. LOL


I would also like to apologize. Notfastenuf stated it well. You frame looks very interesting. Is the material nylon-carbon? Or maybe polycarbonate. It looks very sturdy. What is the thrust to weight ratio, and how does it carry in the air?


I need to apologise, I was drinking last night and thought I was being funny, but you don’t know me so that won’t have come off well…

It is interesting. How is it so light.


Yeah cool frame. Is it made of some vulcanized rubber?

You planning on making one that can fit 3 inch props and 20x20 FC? I’d love one of those.

@MidnightQuads: While this may seem like advertising, this is actually an innovative and fascinating design that I think warrants our attention. :wink: (Sorry, looks like you figure this out long before I joined the thread. :relaxed: )

Welcome, @Pocket_Quads! I’ve been following your thread and development over on RCG with great interest. Your “flexible” frame design appears to succeed where many other attempts have failed. I have way too many quads in various stages of completion right now to take on another project. However, I’ll keep watching your development with baited breath. You are onto something special! :smiley:

@NotFastEnuf: AFAIR, he uses a custom filament that isn’t available for purchase. I think he did indicate that he may consider producing it for sale in the future. And hopefully he is willing to share some more details in this smaller and more intimate forum. :wink:


now that is kinda cool! experimenting with different materials and making your own filament! props to you @Pocket_Quads if this is the case . DIY stuff is cool! Cool design frame too!

How easy i mounting the camera in there, and getting it perfectly straight? lol

Also, what is the total weight of the 1104 7000kv unit itself without the battery? What size battery are you using in that 40 second demo flight video?

Last question, how windy was it that day during ? i Noticed a very smooth flight with literally near no propwash at all… I mean, your piloting was very smooth so im sure that has a good deal to do with it but I am just curious as to how windy it was hahah

Edit: Lastly, how did the camera hold up to that damage/wall test? Did the lens pop out or anything?

The material is nylon based. The thrust to weight with a 300mah 2s is between 7:1 and 8:1. I’m not sure how to describe how it flies to you other then saying it feels light, you would have to try one for yourself ;).

It’s very light because of the combination of thin flexible material with geometry designed not to flex. Very low infill and wall thickness.