"Unboxing" Eachine Minicube FC v1.1


Got this as a replacement for a broken v1.0. Not sure what the cable is intended to do, connecting “To computer”… any guesses?


Looks like a direct USB cable rather than using a pigtail + adaptor. That whole setup is a little weird.

I’m interested in what the difference is from 1.0 to 1.1.


Interesting cable, I’ve been talking about using a smaller socket than a usb on Alienwhoop fcs and making a cable just like that.


I’m real tempted to do it on a number of FCs, or at least the pigtail usb board. I have a few different frames that some lend themselves to normal straight USB ports.


The V1.1 has the remote mounted micro USB port, and the battery input filter is built in. other than that, its identical to the V1.0


Ah, right, the filter too. Thank you, @Megascott!