Ultralight whoop - Quick flight

Been a while since I have whooped the Ultralight, here is a quick video of today (only 4 batteries) :laughing:

Colin Chapman reference @brainstorm :wink:


I can’t even think that fast - never mind flying like that. Good job!

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Thanks! Me neither mate! I think it’s just muscle memory. When I have to think and anticipate, that’s when bad thing happen :joy:

That was a fun video!

@JBFPV: Thanks for the Chapman quote. Seems particularly salient, given how many tight corners you have to fly in there. :wink:

Loved the circles around the crystal vase on the table. I still can’t believe that you’re able to fly so well is such small rooms. Your agility is mesmerizing! High ceilings do appear to help with the power loops. :wink:


Not human… :wink:

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You are Insanely skilled in proximity speed whooping. Lol awesome video. I love the ultralight whoop…

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Thanks guys! By the way, this is with cheap 59000 rpm banggood motors. I got some insane 19000kv on the way, I’m curious to see how that will work out… :joy:

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@JBFPV Is that horizon mode?

dang dude your going to have to start flying it outside, those 19000kv are going to rip! itll no longer be an indoor brushed! lol im jm I know you will be able to skillfully maneuver any situation the whoop presents to you. You are a whoop master!

Dang mylipo is fast! Received my 19000kv’s today and a bunch of other stuff. PWC connectors, 1s and 2s batteries (got two micro brushless builds planned) and the 3300 fatshark battery!

@littlrussian yes, indoors I use low strength horizon (30 str, 50% transition)


Thank you - I appreciate for your honesty. Now at least I have hope and will recover my gear out of the trashcan. …hahaha


Horizon? Lol. Nice flying anyhow :slight_smile:

Hey, only indoors! Don’t bully me! :stuck_out_tongue:
I can fly acro indoors too but in horizon it’s just easier to maneuver the furniture, I can go faster and do more tricks so who cares! :laughing:

But I must say, I’m more of an acro man.

queue ‘village people - macho man’ song
acro, acro man (yeah, yeah)
I’ve got to be, in acro man
acro, acro man
I’ve got to be in acro! All Right!
LOL :joy:


You got me singing it :sunglasses:
You know I was only jesting.
Don’t you find any self level interferes with the smooth control, I really dislike that. Horizon felt the worst because you can transition into full acro control but the transition out again was always like the quad trying to wrestle control back from me. I admit I haven’t played about with the new strength and transition sliders as accelerometer is always disabled.
You’ve got style to your flying man, keep pushing!


Props on taming horizon mode. It is too unpredictable for me personally lol I will admit, i do like to use angle mode when showing off top speed and cyclones and stuff to my friends and family though… :slight_smile:


Not to speak for @JBFPV, but I’ve found a low strength Horizon tames things down just enough. When I was learning Acro, I went into Horizon and slowly dropped from default down to 10% and it really helped ease into acro. Hadn’t thought about doing it indoors on a “whoopish-like-thing” :stuck_out_tongue:



Right on, I was just typing a reply to @Chaotix, the low strenght is really useful, in fact I keep lowering it, not because I’m learning acro but because I’m getting better at acro inside the living room :stuck_out_tongue: especially for the powerloops I had to dial down the strenght and transition or it would fight me too much. Actually when I started whooping, I loved the stock inductrix in stability mode and I was looking for that smooth flight with the ability to throw in a flip every now and then. So when I got my first ‘real’ FC (SciSky) Horizon did just that! And now I keep lowering the strenght. But in full acro, whilst I can fly laps and do some flips in the living room, I can’t do those quick turns and corners, backflips and proximity. Also I keep airmode off inside, so I can cut throttle instantly. Outside it’s only acro and airmode! :airplane:


So, I just tried it on my whoop…YAAAASSS! I might take it down a little bit more, but it’s such a nice balance between the “hands off” of acro, and the little bit if help the gyro does for this kind of quad. Flips are a lot smoother and it’s only at the end does it feel like I’m getting a little help. I did do airmode though. Thanks so much for the tip, @JBFPV!


I really need to learn how to set up such a “low strength” Horizon mode. Right now, I just fly whatever default self-level is on the Indy FPV, and acro on all the brushless quads. It would be nice to get a bit more flexibility indoors with the Indy, although I may have to wait until I can get an F3/BF board.