Ultra light cam mount


Here’s my super light, and cheap cam mount.
Thought I’d share this with the community, take one zip tie, cut a slit, drill two screw holes, mount cam on top or as low rider.
Weight 0.2g cost???


Thats an awesome solution will try that asap :grinning:


Love it!!!


Just Brilliant


@Chaotix That’s bloody brilliant! :star_struck:


Ha! I love it! That’s awesome.


Keep up the good fight, Sir!
Now we wait for Banggood to copy it, and sell it on their web store :joy:


Thats cool… I mount my cameras between the hoops and love the low profile and is easier for me to judge… I usually scuff the hoops a bit then hot glue into place. Usually stands up to decent impacts.


Very creative, tidy solution. Will definitely try it next time I rebuild a whoop. Cheers!


Wow. Very creative and looks great. I need this solution! My low rider mount has always been a ziptie hotglued to the ducts and hot glued my cam on it. I will try it today!


Great idea! I’m excited to try this out! I wonder what the longevity will be like?


Has anyone ever tried those super tiny hair rubber bands, the kind used for braiding hair?

I’ve been using them on my stock e011 frame and I think they’re working pretty good. They hold tight, and provide flex on impact. An ocassional quick flip forward after a crash may be required (top mount), which is cool with me while figuring out my noob piloting skillz :sunglasses:

Only thing I’m still working out is my low pro mount. As I improve, I need more angle! This pic shows my most solid mount, which pulls the angle WAY too low. I either figure out how to wedge it up, or try a more narrow camera rig :+1:

My antenna is tied down cuz its about to fall off :smile:


Elastic bands don’t like heat and vtx heat up in use, in flight failures are common with elastic band mounts.


Ah, good point! I’ll try out the zip tie idea this weekend.



Its simple and efficient. I used same solution but think, left one or glued one is better solution on a long run.



Sooo much better!

I didn’t have a black zip tie at the size I could cut straight down the center, so I used a sharpie :smile:
If I can manage to get a straight cut down my smaller sized tie, then I’ll go that route at some point.