Uhh what does this mean

betafpv lite v1 board never been updated from betafpv silverware
I tried swapping clk and dat same error message. tried option bytes but get the same error message

No need to swap pads. They are OK. I sometimes get this when I don’t have good connection on pads. Need to have steady hands or make some temporary connector.

If nothing helps, and if you have some new versions of ST-LINK utility, try with older version of ST-LINK utility - there might be also problem (on Windows 10 I had this problems often with newer versions and when I get 3.9.0, it is more stable. On my older PC with WIndows 7, everything works even with latest utility).

Can you flash something else with the same ST-LINK and same wires (to exclude that part as a problem…)?

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Yes, what @silverAG said is true- good connections are everything if you’re sure it’s not the st link.

I’ve spent HOURS fighting St links.

Also, something that has helped me with the st link utility, go to: target>settings>reset mode: software system reset. For some reason this is hardly ever set as default for me.

I have also made a plug system with a jst 1.25 3 pin to use with my st link. I exclusively fly the betalite board, and this works for me when I need to flash.

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@silverAG Ill swapping and flash e011 board to check st link. windows 10 yes (I should have included that info. Ive only been using these types of forums since phpbb days.) Im gonna clean and use fresh solder on the pads. Perhaps add a connector as @Beegieweejie suggested.

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