Two motors suddenly stop?!?

I just got a Beecore, which I was able to configure swimmingly well. Good time ensued, for about a day and a half. Then, this eve, after a battery change, suddenly two motors stop working, both on the left side of the quad.

Motors are fine, tested them independently. Close visual inspection of the board shows no broken components, and no detectable smell of burnt elements.

Cleanflight still shows fine, though I didn’t check response on the Motors tab… I’m still under the assumption that the Motors tab has no value for brushed boards since I can’t connect a battery at the same time as USB… or is that just a shortcoming of the Micro Scisky boards?

Any suggestions on other ways to debug this? I’d share a photo, but like I said, nothing visual seems to pop out.

USB+battery depends on the board, my eachine f3 Evo brushed DSM2 (there are more words that I forget, hell of a product name) I can connect both at once and spin the motors up.
Beecore I have no idea. Worst case you get a soldering adventure?

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LOL! I already have a fair number of soldering adventures on my bench.

I can give the batt+USB a shot. I’m gonna sleep on it, though… hopefully more ideas come up in the meantime.

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock roll! Lol

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Connected to CleanFlight with USB and battery… no change in motor behavior. Lost my ability to connect back to CleanFlight, at least for the time being.

Changed motor_pwm_rate from stock 1000 to 32000… the two motors that DID spin seemed to have less vibration…?

Flashing to BetaFlight for grins and tickles. NOTE: Use SPRACINGF3EVO, not Beebrain!

Connected battery AND USB to test Motors tab… no change. Still, only two motors spinning.

BUT…! I disconnected my battery while on the Motors tab, and surprisingly, BetaFlight was able to spin the motors with just USB power! I’m totally shocked on that, thinking USB didn’t have enough power to do so. It didn’t with my Micro SciSky board.

Anyway, looks like this board is kaput. C’est la vie.

The USB powering motors thing will mainly depend on the type of USB you have on your computer. Most computers won’t. I tried it once and got a windows pop up that said something about a power surge on my usb port.

I won’t be able to help with the beecore. May be time to start a warranty return with gearbest

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USB power handling is one of the many things wrong with this fc, the circuits should be better arranged with no current going where it shouldn’t. You have to unplug the motors for a new flash in case some surge interferes with the process, it’s been reported that having a battery connected and plugging USB can even charge the battery! This is potentially dangerous as there is no overcharge protection in the circuit.
All in all a badly thought out fc, hurriedly brought to market without proper testing and revision.

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SO, how did this work for you?
I’m curious because the manual says to use naze,
Betaflight has a beebrain target, and your using spracing.
A while back I got rid of "the flashing lights of death "
By using naze, so maybe I can upgrade to the f3evo target?

I got the idea of SPRACINGF3EVO from this:

It didn’t work for me since my motors weren’t spinning before-or-after. I have no comment on whether it’s a viable target, though flashing Beebrain did NOT allow me to connect back to BetaFlight, while SPRACINGF3EVO did.

Beebrain manual says naze
BEECORE manual says f3evo
My bad, forgot what FC your working on, even tho it’s in your first line of the thread🙄

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The Beecore is an sprF3 evo fc. You will get best results by only flashing that. Most other targets will soft brick the board requiring reflash.

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Hi, having exactly the same problem here !! did you find out a solution ??