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Twice repaired 3d printed frame


This is my current frame status. While waiting for carbon fiber frame to arrive and printer is broken… two times correctedc by melting PLA and supporting with heat shrink…

This is still flyable, but haven’t yet replaced the motor. I did not properly protect wires so I lost two motors the same day. I still have some extra, but ordered immediately 8+8 cheap BG hubsan 8.5mm motors for practice purposes.

Meanwhile I have been practicing with my RTF micros: two h8 (and one still on the way), CX-10 and H101 (arrived today, this actually feels quite good to fly). All LOS, no camera versions yet, even though I have all the gears.

BTW: I cannot post images, it appears. Or I do not know how to do that…this picture is on tinypic



Thanks “system” for uploading the image :slight_smile:



I was also using that same frame, and went through 3 of them in as many weeks! It flies amazingly, but it sure is fragile! I’ve actually been working on a sturdier replacement that uses the same top camera mount. The current version is tough as nails, but is about twice as heavy as the original. I’m working on slimming it down a little before I put it on Thingiverse!

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