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tune'a'Whoop via blackbox


Enter the alienwhoop v2.1 arriving stateside tomorrow WITH BLACKBOX!!! I think this would be a great place to convene over logs & possible solutions to address exactly what is happening in the above mentioned situations!! Thanks for kicking us off in 3.4 with such detail @Benedikt and thanks to @brucesdad13 for giving the community an exciting new tool!

BetaFlight 3.4 / MockingBird v2 - on BetaFPV F3
BetaFlight 3.4 / MockingBird v2 - on BetaFPV F3

Oh what :open_mouth:
Yes please!
On the recent FPVR event (Aussie Open), I spoke with my old buddy Chris aka ctzsnooze. He is a guru in FC log file analysis and has contributed a lot of the BF code in general and the BF 3.4 particular. He said to me that he recently developed an increased interest in Whoops and would like to collaborate to work on a systematic approach of tuning them.
Only thing that I need to kick him off are some logs.

Welcome to the party my friend, thanks for your work!

And look who I have also recruited for this fine forum:
Mr Ethan Bayer, now aka @Tweaker!
(for those who dont know, Ethan runs the Micro Motor Testlab.
Welcome, buddy!


@brucesdad13 - are you taking notes?? :smile:


Blackbox whoop fc for ctzsnooze earmarked :smiley: (and Dr. Ben of course :wink:


@Benedikt … OK my friend! We’re coming up on go time!!! Your relationship to someone with an inside track on betaflight and this fc could change the way we whoop!! Get ready to pull some strings for us!!! You should probably be the one to tell your friend ctzsnooze that you have used your micro motor influence to help arrange a blackbox whoop fc for him and get him pumped up!!! :smile: what an exciting time!!!


That’s exciting, lets do it :smiley:
If there is anything I can contribute to make this happen asap, let me know!


Here’s a few logs for comparison… first the PIDs I arrived at with LOS and FPV tuning visually… and then after with the V2.1 and @NotFastEnuf reading the tea leaves… now he’s geeking out on the findings with lots of ideas and questions…






Before you guys geek out on this or start drawing conclusions… you deserve a little back story.

This was the before and after results of one tuning session using blackbox viewer only. And we were only logging at a pretty low rate. (Thats important). So just some quick reading of the tea leaves. Typical overshoot the tune, undershoot the tune, and look for the middle ground approach.

Now enter plasmatree… following guides on how to log properly for the tool … we accumulated the second log above on our new tune logged at 4k to match our 16k gyro update … and …WOW! WE MISEED AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!!! The largest noise harmonic I have ever seen peaking around 500hz. I’m dying to see if this is just a whoop characteristic thst we have just been unaware of all along. When I say largest ever I mean crazy insane gigantic noise!! So more tuning is about to take place… starting with filter tests to squash it and analysis of their latency. We gotta knock back this peak to press forward. I’m floored we got the results displayed by plasmatree as close as we did 1. On a whoop, and 2. On a terrible choice of filters and one quick blackbox session with only the log viewer. Anyway… this is just the beginning and we are just settling in to using all the tools available so I’m not gonna flood this thread with data yet till there is something exciting to report. We just thought you guys would like to see a couple plasmatree logs of two different pid sets.


I have split the whole blackbox topic off the BF3.4 thread, so we can stay OT there and focus on the deep dive here.

Chris said we should do the following to give him some good data:

  • Fly around for 10-20 seconds at cruising speed. Slow, gentle circles. Land, and save the log.
  • Fly the same maneuvers, but with significantly throttle this time. Try still to keep it smooth, dont push it too hard. Land, and save the log.
  • A few full stick punch outs. Keep it pinned for a few seconds, get her right up there. Land, and save the log.
  • Upload all three log files.


this is an amazing thread. :smiley:



Its gonna be very interesting to read and re-read over and over till you guys reach the Holy Grail ! ^^ Can’t wait to test everything . Dr Bene recruited some awesome scientist :wink:


been tested on 6x15mm motors ?


Yes that log was with 0615 ~19600kv. I will try flying the test patterns tomorrow and upload three logs… @NotFastEnuf will have his board by the weekend hopefully. Also happy to send one to you and/or ctzsnooze @Benedikt :smiley:


Subbed. Following with interest and eager to learn!


Quick update: @PJC and @NotFastEnuf will have AlienWhoop V2.1 fcs with Betaflight 3.4 and Blackbox arriving Wednesday. :sunglasses:


dying with anticipation. This is the time I am finally going to learn to interpret blackbox files.


Any new Updates ? ^^ :star_struck:


@Tweaker started to dive into Blackbox whooping the other day. I’ve been directing everyone to this thread :smiley: I think @NotFastEnuf’s fc is due to arrive today. @PJC’s fc I just dropped off today so … I imagine next week we will have some active discussion.


any insightful data being logged?


I need to wire mine up…hopefully this weekend!