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Trying to configure a Taranis QX7 with an irangex 4 in 1 multimode plus


Does anyone knows where I can get OpenTX 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 firmware bin. I can’t get my iRange plux on my Taranis QX7 to bind with any of my FlySky receivers. I upgraded my Taranis to 2.2.3 to add the multi protocol but I didn’t backup the bin files. I’ve try every single sub-option under flysky protocol but none will bind, just get red blinking light. I have disabled the internal protocol and only enable the external. The dial is on “0” all I get is blinking red light.

Any guidance will be appreciated.


Sorry, I’m a bit confused.

Do you want to revert your QX7 to an older version of OpenTX because version 2.2.3 broke your multiprotocol functionality?

What is new? The iRangeX module? Or v2.2.3? Or both?

What was working before and what is not working now?