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Trying to configure a Taranis QX7 with an irangex 4 in 1 multimode plus


Hey all,
Just got my new QX7 radio and a 4 in 1 module. I looked at several videos to set this up to talk DSMX but to no avail.

Updated radio to latest OpenTX 2.2.1
Configured radio and module as per info. Multi - DSM - X22 (and x11) Number 8 on the rotary switch on the module.
FC is just flashing…
If I use PPM mode, the FC binds but all the channels seem to pulse on there own without input from me.
I’m not sure if I have to update the multimode also…

Got it working but AIL and ELE are reversed - in other words when I try to roll, I pitch - and when I pitch, it rolls. ???



Set the module to 0 and use the TX’s external protocol menu to select DSM. You’ll probably need to remap some channels either in the tx for that model or in betaflight.

I was able to get it to go using Bayang that way, it took a bit though.

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Thank you @Bobnova!

Yes that’s what did it - setting it to 0.
Yes 2 channels need to be remapped - AIL and ELE…
How to do it?



I’m loving the feel of this radio compared to my DX6i. Just hate having to hold the ON button for 3+ seconds to have it latch on, though



In betaflight on the receiver screen up top it will have a box with “aetr1234” in it, that’s the channel order. Change it to taer1234 (I think) and you’re golden.
Alternatively, on page 5 or so of model setup on the TX you can set which inputs feed into which channel, and map it that way.
Personally I do it in betaflight, but one way isn’t better than the other or anything.

Enjoy your new radio! I really like the taranis units I’ve used.

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Thanks Bob! I’d rather do it on the radio than in BF. I do have TAER1234 selected but doesn’t seem to correct the problem.
Just trying to find out how to do it on the QX7



Ok - Figured it out and so far so good.
swapped AIL and ELE on page 5 and also assigned AUX 1 and 2.
Works well, I think I still have to go into BF and enter the rxranges because I’m not getting full travel ATM

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Yeah there’s always something to do, lol.
I think there’s a scaling option in the TX too, but I don’t know where as I haven’t had to use it yet.
It’s arguably a little better to adjust it in the TX if you can, but I don’t know that the difference is noticeable.



Yeah - updating the rxrange values in CLI did the trick. Amazing that even though the multimodule/QX7 combo works flawlessly, the setup procedure is definitely not ready for primetime.
Well anyway, I got my DSMX fleet going and now I’m ready for some Silverware…hehehe

First Impressions on this QX7

I love it - The gimbals are superior to those of the DX6i - Switches galore. Once you get past the STEEEEP learning curve, it’s only limitation is my imagination. I kinda don’t care for the dual antenna look - I’d rather the module share the host antenna than kludge another out of the back.
I highly recommend this unit even though I haven’t discovered 3/4 of what this thing can do.

@Bobnova - Thanks man for pointing me in the right direction.

Silverware, Here I come!



Awesome! Glad you got it going and glad you like it!



To adjust travel go to outputs page on qx7. Select wanted channel. Press wheel. Select edit. Now you can adjust (ppm)center and min/max values to get 1000/1500/2000 in BF receiver tab. If you can’t go further than 100, you have to activate extended limits (e.limit) on page 1 or 2 ( where you set up your model name, used module etc.)
I prefer to adjust travels on my TX instead of messing with rxrange in cli.



Thanks @chrisdo - I’ll try it on my next build. As of now, I did do the rxrange on CLI for all my current models and it really wasn’t too bad.
I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect, but I really love this QX7! To me, it feels so much more precise and predictable than my previous TXs.

FWIW No, I don’t work for them nor do I get a commission but I’m just so stoked at how much of a “feel” difference I get vs my old TX that I just can’t help it.
I’m most happy about the fact that my 6mm BOSS feels even more locked in and predictable.



I just picked up a QX7 as well, I really dig it so far…but was bummed to realize I can’t bind it with my Inductrix. I didn’t realize there was a module that would allow me to do this!

Would you mind sharing where I could find the module? I’d like to give it a shot.



@Drew, I got it from here. I got the “plus” vs the original just because I thought it was more updated - come to find out thanks to @Bobnova that the little rotary dial just stays at 0, so basically its superfluous on the QX7 since it is programmed and bound from within the TX. Otherwise, it’s rock-solid.



Thanks @chime13!

Looks like the “regular” version is a couple bucks cheaper - maybe I’ll check that one out.

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Is there no need to flash a special version of OpentX to use the software for changing protocol? I remember having to do that on my Taranis in order to use the software to change instead of the hardware buttons. I have a different multiprotocolmodule though.

Oh wait now I remember it is now integrated into the newer versions of OpentX if I remember correctly!

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Sorry @JBFPV for not responding sooner - totally missed your question.

Out of the box, the IRX4+ communicates thru PPM. You turn the rotary switch for the desired model and bind by holding down button when turning on TX.

If you want 100% SBUS integration, you have to update the OpenTX to the latest rev level - I believe it is 2.2.1.
Once you update, just leave the rotary switch at “0” and set everything up from within the TX. At this point, the IRX4+ switches don’t do jack, so I’d say that the non “+” would work the same.
There is so much to learn on this TX, I’m sure I’m not using it to its full potential and the things that I would like to program - I can’t figure it out - yet.

I hope my response was still useful to you.

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@chime13 We’ll find out about the minus :joy: er… non-plus version within then next 3 weeks… (banggood deliviery time…)

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menu p1-12 = model menu (mine actually 1-13)
menu p1-9 = system menu
’my’ page 13 ( i use a different language than you :wink:) is labelled “display” where i can select which and which way telemetry data is displayed in the ‘main telemetry display’ (not in any menu - long press ‘page’-button)

What is you p.12 labelled? Could i have more pages 'cause i didn’t check “noheli” for the firmware-compilation…?

aaaand - before you ask:
2017-12-22 18:32:47
EEPR 218 (whatever this means…)

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Thanks, I have a different module but I remember back in the day you had to flash a special version in order for that to work. But later, it was adopted into the standard OpenTX versions.

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