Tronaton's Jungle Live Streams


Hey guys!
Its been a while yet im back in the air daily.
I have started to live stream my flight sessions.
Having company and chatting while i fly makes me want to do it more.
I dont like to fly alone and its one reason i stopped.
Please come join me.
To chat in twitch it is free to sign up and get a screen name.
If you chose not to then you can still chat with me when i go live here:

discord is free as well.
Our section of the jungle in the discord room is “tron’s hangar”.

Thanks so much.
Come play in the jungle with me?

(if you are aware of my real name and location please do not share it in twitch or discord.)


i will get a usb converter so i the screen view is better soon…


Sweet man! Looking forward to catching one. Always enjoyed your building and flying


Thanks for hanging with me today guys…
much “props” to my junglist pilots…

were getting faster daily!!!
we will be live at 3pm PST-6pm EST tomorrow.


@tronaton Great to have you back from hibernation!! :smiley:

Pretty surreal to watch you flying live from across the country! My boy uses twitch for online gaming. So I feel über-hip (and about 20 years younger :stuck_out_tongue:) watching FPV via twitch myself. :nerd_face:


@Brainstorm :laughing: