- are you bilingual?

If you speak another language than English and want to talk about micro quads, come on in!

If you are bilingual, please post here and I will get you busy.
Spanish, Italian, French, and Japanese are on top of my list.

You could be the spearhead of the micro quad invasion in your language realm :wink:

Despite the username, my Russian is barely literate while my Italian is fluent, happy to help. Let me know how I can contribute!

That is funny :smiley:
Thank you!

I suggest you create a new topic here:
and title it "[Italian] - some Italian title"
You can then turn that post into a “wiki” post (or let me do it if you dont find the button), that will allow everyone to edit the first post in the thread.
Then you (and everyone else speaking Italian) can edit the post and fill it up with the most commonly asked questions.

@Benedikt No wiki button for me.
Either I am blind or I don’t have sufficient privileges to wikify the post.
The topic is here: [Italian] Microcotteri in Italiano

You click the three dots, and then the wikify icon appears:

Let me know if you still cant see the button, and I will press it for you :wink:

Wikified. Thanks!