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Total noob


As the title suggests, I’m a total noob to micro quads. I’ve got good experience with cars and a little with airplanes, but almost none with quads.

My questions are as follows:

1- Should I do a scratch build or modify an RTF like an inductrix or an E010?
2- If I the scratch build way, I would need the FC to be DSM compatible. I know FrSky is more popular, but all I have is a DX6E.
3- What are some good, affordable FPV goggles?

Any help is appreciated.


Honestly a cheap tiny whoop was the best trainer I have bought thus far. Easy to fix or upgrade. Not sure on compatibility of dsm. I’m using flysky with multiprotocol for e011 whoop.
Eachine ev800 cheap, built in battery, headphone jack for audio, no adjustment for lens though.( Box goggles) Ev800d offers built in dvr. But imho external dvr is cheaper. Ev100 are decent aswell. These are the only goggles I’ve used so my view may be a bit skewed.


I agree. A cheap tiny whoop is a good start as it takes a while to get used to the sticks in rate mode. Micro Motor Warehouse sells some great DIY kits!

I’d not get the EV100. From what I’ve heard they have countless issues. I got the EV800 from Banggood and they’ve been pretty good to me after a year of flying. I even did the external DVR mod and the video is decent.


I’m thinking about going for the E010, but the only thing I don’t like is the cheap transmitter. Since I don’t have a taranis, I’m limited to DSM with my DX6E. I’m totally sold on the EV800 goggles though


Hop on ebay and find a nano qx… yeah all you serious fpv guys - I said it - nano qx. They can be had on ebay literally for just a couple bucks. Coming from airplanes - you may appreciate learning some line of sight control first. I came from airplanes too. The nano qx is a super simple and easy to operate platform and will allow you to learn both acro and level mode flying. It’s larger than a whoop so easier to keep orientation outside but still safe to fly inside. Here is an auction currently at 1$ plus shipping ending in a few hours. It could potentially be valuable learning tool before getting lost in the fpv rabbit hole. The nano qx is totally neglected by tge fpv spotlight these days … so something that used to cost 50$ can be had for the cost of a taco. Lol


Also should mention … I threw some mmw motors in that first nano qx after learning basic conteol and have been totally hooked since! @Benedikt can put another notch in his belt. Lol


I’ll 2nd the QX… First one I had and it is a great starter… I think I had it bound to my DX6e as well.


That nano qx ended up going for $12.50 lol. To anyone else that stumbles across this thread … the seller rc4u77 has an ENORMOUS inventory of horizon hobby stuff constantly funneled through ebay auction. Many of them brand new open box items or items that have a fixable problem detailed in the description. I’ve purchased quite a few things from that seller and everything had always arrived matching the description.


Just visited their store. Looking at an Inductrix and a Nano QX that end tonight.


Just make sure you read his description to see if it’s a return with a fixable issue or tested in good condition.


The inductrix is a RTF and has a bad motor. The QX is is good shape.


Cool. Good luck and keep us posted!