Topmount ? NFE Tiny whoop?

Decided to try out topmount on a silverware nfe 65mm just like Chaos did on his brushless , still need to test sideway as he told me . For now its a nice feeling …and its on brushed 716s .


I am very interrested to know details about your NFE whoop brushed builds… This one and classic one… what motors you use (brand and kv), what props, what frame and battery (brand, mAh, C…) etc… would be great to know what “hardware” you fly because these builds in your videos goes so smooth and powerfull…
My NFE builds are all on Betafpv 716 19000kv motors. I use Boldclash B03pro board on B03pro and B03 standard frames and Beecore lite or Betafpv lite boards on Betafpv v4 frame. I always use Eachine E011 props in “props in” configuration and GNB 260mAh LiHv batteries. Both setups usually flys fantastic on those batteries up to 1 minute, and then it start to sag on hard moves while Beecore/Betafpv boards also tend to washout badly after 1:30…

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Just designed a new all in one low pro camera mount and did a test , now i need to a lipo holder on top so i can fly topmount and be light as F… !


Any chance to know your build secrets? :slight_smile:

Simple E011C frame
Betafpv Lite /E011c any flashable
Xinte 716 17500kv
Gemfan 4 blades
TKS Tie camera mount TPU 0.6g Lowpro AIO
Wolfwhoop wt05 split
250mah-300mah HV Gnb
Solid pin Connectors

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I have those gemfans but I don’t like them because they are too stiff and in some hard crashes they bent motor shafts while Eachine’s just break :upside_down_face:
How you mount Betafpv lite board on E011C frame? I can’t mount it succesfully :frowning:
And do you have power sags and/or washouts after 1-1:30 on 250mAh?
You use this motors?

New TKS TIE mount ! 0.6g

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I know I am pain in the xxxxx :wink: but - how you mount Betafpv lite board on E011C frame? I can’t mount it succesfully :frowning:
Can you give me some tips - how you modded frame and attached board to it? Thanks in advance.

BTW, I hate those diamond shaped boards in general - I can’t mount them 100% secured even in frames designed for them like, for example Betafpv v4 - on hard crash they still tend to slip from grommets… E011/B03 shaped boards and their “through the board” attaching method are 100% better… Can’t understand why it is not widely accepted design :frowning: