Tips & Tricks: Reviving a stiff brushed quad motor

Been thinking of starting a Tips & Tricks post of common helpful ones. My first is very easy and can be done with simple tools. Reviving a stiff motor(s). Oh, and this (Video Below) was recorded just after a good crash a few minutes ago…

You’ll need 3 Tools:

  1. Preferably a prop wrench/removal tool or your least favorite dining fork,
  2. A small or your favorite needle-nose pliers,
  3. The will to risk success, and keep flying!

How-to: Props(s) off, place the prop removal tool or fork over the prop shaft and onto the can. And, gently with the right amount of force simultaneiusly push down the prop removal tool or fork with one hand and pull the shaft upwards with the needle nose with the other hand until you feel or hear the magic click. Please note* Be gentle at both ends (with the can and shaft as to not cause irreparable damage or a bent shaft) and remember straight up with the needle nose pliers to avoid bending the shaft.

This simple tip has kept me flying way longer than before. And, you can perform this anywhere :joy:


Nice! My guess on what is happening here is protected motor caps make popping the cap off more difficult, therefore on an upside down crash the motor shaft can get pushed down into plastic of the cap causing the stiff motor. Your trick is probably releasing the shaft from a divet that was pushed into the plastic.

Just a guess, I could be wrong.

Great video and tip! Thanks for sharing. We all like to keep these motors running as long as possible!

I remembered seeing this video a few weeks back and it just saved me two (edit: now three) motors.
Thanks again for sharing! We should definitely pin this somehow!


@masterrc_student saves the day! Well done!

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@littlrussian You’re Welcome

Good tip @MasterRC_sTudenT and one that I will definitely be trying out.

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling:

Man, I’ve been trying to figure out why or how to fix this and finally found this. Thanks man!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: It’s saved me tons of $ and time replacing.

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Damn! It worked! Thanks so much.