Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


Damn, nice man cave dude :wink: And some pretty nice looking toys in there too.

I’d say for an RTF toy that is awesome! What was the flight time with that stock and the camera? Are you also using the stock battery? I have two of the E010 and wasn’t sure if I would give them to someone or tear them apart and rebuild them. I think after watching this I know want to slap a camera on one and give it a go! The Rambo Whoop can be a real handful in my trashy house. I have yet to get through a full battery without a few crashes. It does have the 19000kv insane motors and the 2 bladed props so the thing hauls ass till something gets in the way.

I was getting dizzy a little watching you try to shoot the gap of that garage door bracket! haha Well done, if at first you don’t succeed… you know the rest.


Thanks brother! I’ve got faster whoops too but still keep grabbing that one. It’s perfect for confined spaces! I have over 9 hours on those batteries and motors and yes they are the stock ones - when they were fresh you’d get up to three min of spirited flight and after that it will go to 4 min, but you have to peg 100% throttle and adjust altitude with forward pitch. It’s whoopable for sure though. Your target is 20g dry weight and it will whoop just fine! The one in the video is 21g and it does OK but was a little better at 20g - I switched from the tiny crazypony aio cam to the q25 for the custom canopy fitment. I love this thing cause I can hit spots indoors with it that my more powerful whoops can’t touch. Just had the eachine 45c stock style batteries arrive today - can’t wait to try fresh packs. The 2 blade mod and a custom throttle curve in the radio are must haves for this.


Hi my name is Marc from Germany .I bought a eachine e0101 for my daughter.I lost my discriction. :cry: So now the Problem : the directions ate changed . Left is right an right is left … i can nit remember how to fix it.
Best regards from cold Germany


I didn’t think that the original transmitter would even do that as a feature. You could try a gyro/accelerimeter calibration. Put it on a level surface and push both sticks down and towards the center at the same time. Lights should blink.


The new eachine 45c stock batteries are pretty good. 3 min of solid time pushing as hard as I can, power drops off after that but it will stay airborne till 4 min. Just like new again, but with a little extra pep for the first few min!


@Marc I have an h36. Manual should be the same. I’ll make some pics of it and will send you a pm.
Maybe it’ll help.


Guys, these motors paired with these batteries is a BALL RIPPING combo on an e010. With a 2 blade mod - 3:30 flight time pushing it as hard as I can and it’s got punch the whole time! Just phenomenal performance for a 150mah pack. It feels like it has more punch for longer and I bet it’s faster than my makerfire on the stock 205 battery with the exact same flight time. Lower power + lighter setup = hanging with the big dogs.

After building over a half a dozen whoops with different combos - I’ve learned to a degree it’s really not any one individual great component that makes a killer whooping machine - it’s the perfect balance of components. If you can walk the tight rope right in the middle of motors vs battery vs weight - then you nailed it and the difference in flight performance between a light and low power setup vs a heavier high power setup becomes much smaller. Miss the balance by 1 battery size, 1 gram, or 1000kv and you’ll be punished with sub 2min flight times. This is so much fun it should be wrong!



I like the look of those batteries!
Don’t know what you’re using for a charger, but beware the brick that comes with it. See here: HOWTO: Setting charge rate on cheap chargers
Nice to see I’m not the only one exiled to the garage, too!


Excellent warning!


Watch as the E010 with the battery/motor combo above passes the street light before the makerfire 3 times in a row! My scale shows 26 grams for both of them so it’s fair race. Both whoops give me 3min 30sec of flight time. Sometimes faster motors and bigger batteries isn’t the answer! Anybody with a Rambo whoop want to race? Lol (j/k - it’s still no Rambo. Hahaha)



what’s this mosfet mod bro? you changed the mosfets?


Probably I have found only the hot water… Sorry im only little italiano red iron man.


Sorry guy, after the Rambo Whoop…

The Rocky Whoop!..



IKKI don’t drink so much Chianti before going out for flight :grinning:
You hit too much trees and walls this time LOOOL

Is this a new buid ? or you just changed the fame ?


You are true, it’s e010 whit mosfet replaced blue propellers and new motors


Did the antenna get damaged on your Vtx? The first video was much clearer while you were flying out in front there.

Did you replace the mosfets with higher rated ones or just replace because you had one burn out? Thing flies pretty nice for the stock E010 :wink:


thats the devo magic… :wink:


I have replaced the mosfets with better one, and the result its good! More power and control… I have made same operation with e010s frsky board, and fly better!
And yes the antenna it’s homemade from 2.4G and I haven’t cutted good… :wink: