Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


I am still waiting for mine. Gratification not so instant :disappointed:


Hmm, in my area the link you provided was amazon prime - but in December prime is often not so prime. We will see if mine shows up today. If it does I’ll post some pictures and thoughts on the canopy.


just found the canopies by themselves: FPV Camera Vacuum Plastic Mount


Good find again! I suppose I’ll be jumping on that one too if I like what I see when the first order arrives. Glad this all didn’t pop up a week ago - I just assembled a vacuum forming operation that may have just stayed a pipe dream if I could have easily ordered a canopy on prime. Have to see how copies of this turn out using milk jug plastic before shelling out more $$. Not disappointed that i grabbed the aio camera though - can always use one of those!


Well the canopy camera combo arrived today. Very nice indeed! It comes clear and has to be painted. The camera is a nice snug fit in the canopy and requires no tape or adhesive. My vtx antenna was pretty well mangled on arrival, but it’s coming off for a crash resistant dipole anyway. The camera is the smallest one out right now so this is definately the lightest & most stylish option for a simple “bolt on” upgrade. I’ll be taking a plaster cast of this for sure before I paint & use it so that I can make as many as I want from vacuum forming milk jugs!


what paint do you use for this type of plastic part?


It’s lexan like an rc car body. I haven’t done one of those since I was a teenager - but remember some successes and failures with durability. Probably best to check over on rcgroups in the rc car section and on youtube for tips on painting lexan body shells - if you are looking to get creative or for paint type. Custom paint jobs on clear lexan shells are a big part of that section of the rc hobby.


Got to fly a few packs through the crazypony whoop tonight that @gpgarcia linked us to. Just bolted it on a stock e010 flown with deviation. Even with my custom throttle curve that hovers the e010 (less fpv) at 40% - it’s a mediocre performer taking upwards of 80% throttle once whooped to fly and pegged at 100% by arrival at lvc flashing indicator - but it still whoops. I forgot to time it (felt like about 3ish min) but overall I am not disappointed for a stock craft and understand what all the upgrade rage is about. Anything heavier than that rediculously small camera I imagine would be unusable on a stock e010.


What batteries? I’m flying 175 and 205mah myLipos with the TX01 AIO cam & E010. I don’t notice the sag until the batteries are 80% spent.

Just got that setup yesterday. So my opinion is based on limited data. Plan to do another build later today with MMW motors, 2 blade props, and better battery connector.


All totally stock e010 & stock battery. Just bolted on the canopy/camera. Batteries do make a big difference. As an example, in an 8.5 mm silver motor build, I decided to try a random stock china 520mah battery that was 3 grams lighter than the mylipo 480’s I usually run. I figured it’d fly better shaving a few grams - nope - it flew like it was stock hubsan motors - not mmw silvers. I plan a battery and motor upgrade eventually for the whoop - but it’s flyable in stock form.


So, I just saw your H8 Mini in an E010 frame. I did the silverware H8 twice, but was under the impression that the FCB had to be oriented directionally, pointing “forward”.

Clearly that’s not the case, per your pictures.

How’d you do that? I’ve been bummed thinking all my non-Whoop shaped FCBs couldn’t fit the E010 frames sitting on my desk.


NOTE: I found how to change orientation of the FCB:



Ah, finally found how to reorient the H8 Mini board when using silverxxx’s firmware:

Per http://sirdomsen.diskstation.me/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=mt9912&s[]=orientation

// gyro orientation
// the expected orientation is with the dot in the front-left corner
// use this to rotate to the correct orientation
//#define SENSOR_ROTATE_90_CW
//#define SENSOR_ROTATE_90_CCW
#define SENSOR_ROTATE_180


Here’s a pretty good guide to creating a SilverWhoop, I was asked to write one but time got the better of me. Fortunately Ltwvince on RCGroups got this one together.


There it is, thank you! I didn’t even think that SilverWhoop was the common name, duh. Makes sense. I’m sure if I googled that, I would have found that link.


I believe I coined that one :sunglasses: Mine was the first to fly.

First trial fit and test flight 27th August

Here’s an early mullet mod.


Beecore kit guys for $60 with fast motors. I think this is the cheapest F3 tinywhoop kit if you already have a radio.


@Chaotix, Hi… Do you change PID values on yours SilverWhoop set up? Thanks


Here’s a whoop session with a bone stock e010 & stock battery. Still one of my favorite whoops to grab despite the most basic of components. Yes all the upgrades will make them fly better than this - but there’s something to love about the simplicity of a 12 dollar whoop w/ a camera on top! Not bad at all :wink:


Just tried out a new build with those 59k unbranded motors with the annoying all white wires on banggood tonight on an e010 fc. They are an excellent upgrade to stock e010 motors. The still have punch past the blinking lvc lights and will fly aggressively about 3 min on fresh stock batteries. Nice balanced combo if you still want to run the smaller and lighter stock packs. Probably the fastest motor that stock batteries can handle and still give decent flight times. Pretty good value for 6 bucks! Time will tell if they hold up. I just checked my timer on my devo 8 for the e010 - over 9 hours of run time and still kicking. Starting to wonder if they’ll ever die?!?