Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


Thanks IKKI, that’s great news and I’ll get one myself now for my stealth whoop build!

From what I can tell on the e010 frame. It looks like the vtx board fits nicely between the battery bay and the fc!



It’s been confirmed
7g to 5g


That’s a whoop-able weight. Thanks for the feedback guys. Now it’s just a slow boat wait away. Going to grab a dm007 board and St link also so I can start a 2s build as well.


Does anyone know how to convert aperture and focal length to field of view?
I can’t wait for a micro endoscope camera to get a wide enough field of view to whoop!



That’s awesome…
Yes please, how do we use this…


At 240 lines,crap quality pic ne thinks.


Oh, ok.
Got it
standard is @600
Less than half then
Oh well
Not everything is a home run




Ripping IKKI!


I don’t think 240 lines is a total killer for an indoor whoop - I’d take it for the weight savings and the low profile. I just can’t figure out the field of view from the lens focal length and f2.8 spec they posted - I’ve tried photography calculators but I’m not sure I understand how to use them properly. I also contacted that vendor and all they were able to do was link me to the same spec sheet already posted on their site. Either way, even if this one’s a dud, this Is the future boys - it’s coming eventually with the specs we need!


Would be nice if we could get this canopy as a spare part. So far gearbest and makerfire are just offering it as an rtf ( that must be gold plated based on the asking price)


You can get the canopy when you buy the camera. Mine is in transit :slight_smile:


Excellent news! Do you have a link to that listing?


If my math is right the .77mm one has around a 60 degree FOV and the .90mm is around a 50 degree FOV.


Thanks PJC. That’s what I was afraid of. Those boroscope/endoscope cameras typically are not made with a very wide FOV.


@gpgarcia where to by the canopy man? gearbest?


I got mine as part of a package with the camera–FPV Tiny Whoop Camera

I have not seen it sold seperately.


That’s freaking awesome! 23$ on amazon prime with canopy! Instant gratification!


… and now I’ve ordered one. Lol. Thanks for the link!


I have the dipole version of that camera on my Stingray 120… Love it!