Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


Any thoughts on lower profile fpv with this frame… Is there room between the fc and battery bay to squeeze in one of those vtx modules with a separate mucro camera glued between the front ducts? Possibly this could allow a stock or inductrix canopy to ride along looking more “stock” and still fpv. I have a 2 year old that retrieves all my crashes and he likes to rip off any obviously loosely attached parts ( and sometimes structural ones too!) Lol.


What movie is this? lol


Spaceballs (Mel Brooks)


@ahlod Where did you get this camera mount ? love it !


BE010 Repaired and ready, sir…


But yea, seriously… where did you get that hood!?


You can check PokeFPV they sell it as a whole though not just the hood. :smiley:


The H101 is a great little toy quad and you can use the bayang toys x9 and I think x8 with it. It’s been on backorder for awhile I think because everyone liked the fc.


Looks like someone has been mowing the lawn with the Whoop haha. I see grass inside the ducts.


Ha Ha!
Nah, I have no idea what you’re talking about. :blush:


I could not find a checkout link for these canopies.
Who do I need to choke to get one?


Pokefpv - please send a email to sales@fpvstyle.com for dealers request



@Benedikt: Maybe you can just become a dealer for the PokeFPV canopies? :wink:

@befreestudios: All this teasing, just to solicit dealers. FB has gone the way of network TV and the Web: it’s basically just one big obnoxious marketing machine now. :rage:


Does this canopy enable the “Ludicrous Speed”? Haha

You have a 3D printer Benedikt! Why not make one :wink: It is not as if you have anything else to do :joy:


Ludicrous Speed!!!


Haha, that speed.


Ok, this is my slim contribute…

Beecore, Insane powered Superwhoop

Ikki, I’ve been wondering about that q 25 vtx camera combo fpr a while now for a low profile whoop. What is your opinion of it? Some other users here said it was heavy - like 7 grams. Do you suggest I get a lighter setup or should I pull the trigger?

If it is lighter than 7 grams and is acceptable for a whoop - it could be possible to keep the canopy and have a stealth whoop!


Iit’s either the stealth whoop with camera low in front of the stock canopy or the mullet canopy for me with one of those new 3g AIO cams. I wish that schwartz canopy had some up tilt.


For me the q25 it’s a great little vtx. If you short the wire and cut the thermo, probably the weight it’s less then 5 grams.