Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


just saw this


Bad cam, no rx, just a bag of parts :stuck_out_tongue:


Decisions, Decisions…

My BeeBrain and Furious Acrowhoop showed up on the same day and I only have one set of motors. What to do. #firstWorldProblems

The furious has a nice 5v out and thicker Guage batt lead… hmmm

E010 will need some frame mods to fit a furious acro… no matter which way I flip her, the USB port gets blocked by the battery bay…

Beebrain’s fits the E010… although the USB is still hard to access, may need a little mod also…


Mount the FC upside down to make the USB accessible on the E010 frame. Just needs channels 0/2 and 1/3 swapped in the motor mix.

And… You need more motors :wink:


Man, seems so obvious now! Thank you, this is exactly why I love it here.

The force is strong with you @Benedikt. (Bow)


And yes, I need more motors. :laughing:


I vote for the furious! It seems so fancy.


I know the beebrain works great. So I also vote for the furious :stuck_out_tongue:
I think its supposed to do telemetry?


Another option for the BeeBrain is keep it right-side up but rotate it 180 degrees, then cut the front stop brace (which’ll now be at the rear) off of the battery cage if you’re using Inductrix style batteries, you’ll want to rig up a little foam insert to lock them into place, but if you’re using the thicker/squatter rectangular batteries this’ll allow you a bit more freedom in placement for better balance.

I have my E010 here at the office today for some x-acto surgery to the struts, so I snapped a couple of shots:

I did use a needle file to take a tiny bit of mtterial off the brace that’s right next to the USB port, but that wasn’t really even necessary. You do have to take the battery out to access the port, but it’s very easy to plug the usb connector in.


Nice, Yea this is similar to what I was thinking of doing too. Thanks for the tips.

Unfortunately I’m traveling for work this week so won’t be able to perform any surgery until the weekend. :frowning:



Built-in Frsky Sbus receiver, Frsky telemetry

…and yea, I think I’m going furious first. I’ll follow up with a report on the furiousness. :slight_smile:


I trimmed a bit of material from around the mounting posts and used a round needle file to create two partial channels for the power leads on either side of the rear post. They sit halfway down into those and the grommet locks them in place (less strain on the board).

Also filed down the top brace that’s now at the front of the frame so that the Inductrix canopy can fit on it and ride properly low.


Guys the beecore can be ordered now on BG. It will restock on Nov 11, I think the first batch is already sold! so fast!


trimm it to the limit



There’s a new chaoli upgraded motors (59000 RPM) already available. Have you guys seen it? :smiley: not sure if it’s equivalent to black motors


Considering how far below their quoted specs the Banggood Chaoli 55000 rpm motor perform, I expect their 59000 rpm motors to be relatively poor performers, too.


I believe so but they’ll probably better than the stock motors




That thing is baad ass…


@befreestudios Haha, one of the greatest comedies of all time.

“No sir, I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again.”