Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


It’ll be worth the wait lads, here’s a wee sample of fun with Spintech motors and two blade props.

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Brave pilot you are! I would be so nervous of getting the little quad caught in a tree by a gust of wind. :wink: What kind of flight time are you getting with the silverwared FC and two blade props? Which battery?


Haha more foolhardy I’d say :wink:
The 2 blade mod seems to have given me back some flight time, I can get up to 3mins with the Spintechs and 150mAh eachine lipos.


OK BG will be releasing this Tinywhoop E010 F3 board soon for $29. lol it keeps getting cheaper and cheaper for our tinywhoop alternative


That sounds pretty interesting, might have to pick one of those up when available


The beecore is on pre-order :scream:


If it flies anything like the tiny evof3 board I’ve just fitted to a whoopalike it’s going to be great. I’m getting one from BG as a sample so hope to have it soon and do a comparison though I suspect they will be very similar.


Changed to reliable JST-PH connector plugs on 24 AWG wire, stronger clone frame, smart brain, fast motors and original (polished) props carrying a flat powerful vTx and tiny cam amplified by a custom antenna.
may the current last longerrr!

Yes we need that… Boris :pray: available! little wires break slowly after few times plug - disconnect in my opinion. 24 or less AWG wires coated with silicon would be long-lasting for powerful whoopers and deliver more dark-force maybe? need to be proved. Dean, JST or walkera plugs, hmm…
I destroyed all my whoop lipo’s in the x4 charger without knowing its the wrong plug… so i had to mess with the lipo’s. Soldering on the little flags is not difficult, need some more heat but flows after the 2’nd cell.

(original) E010 plug from down under (sorry for my english) to onboard :slight_smile: for the battery mod.

picture for wire/plug comparison:


@Chaotix How do you ask for samples? lol


@Luftschraube is it safe changing the cable? did you just solder them?


I carfuly peeled the plastic cab off the lipo and cleaned the solderpads (flags) from the adhesive (some kind of silicone).
On the flags are metal plates between the solder and the flag from the lipo. They come off easy if too much heat transfered from the solder iron or pulled too hard on the wire. If this plates ripped off its impossible to solder proper a new wire on.
After solderjob is done fine the next part is very important. The original plastic cab secure the wire from getting ripped off.
In my case the cap didn’t fit anymore. I tried to secure the contact points with 2 layers of glue. 1st hotglue around and after a surrounding layer of plastik glue. I take special care on them (store it in a metal box etc…) It can be dangerous and i would not recommend it for beginners.


sound complicated :s it might burn my house lol


This is a quick bit of acro flight with the Tiny EvoF3 board in an E010 frame, I can get it flying better than I could the SilverWhoop but I’ll go back to that and tune more.
It’s great using aux switches for pid tuning, means I tend to keep trying to get it better. Using it on all my stuff now, wish I’d bothered sooner.


This is insane! Eachine will be releasing this Chinywhoop FPV BNF soon too with F3 acro board!!



Limited Batch of DSMX Available now!
FrSky on its way and will be back in stock in a few weeks!



3D printed whoop for 8.5mm motors now available in BG as well for $10. Not sure if it’s PLA or ABS fill. I’m still waiting for a carbon fibre whoop frame for brushed. :scream:


Looks like they stole Oscars design.


lol looks like it!


HA! Someone’s calling them out on using Oscar’s design too!!!


Hello everyone, this is my experience with the China woop…