Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


OMG, I can finally save for a taranis now :smiley:


WOO HOO! Just ordered a nrf24_multipro from @goebish. Excellent service, thanks again man! (but my E010 is still on backorder :frowning: )


Whoop Whoop :smiley: Loving this package

Now to sort out updating the Deviation firmware. Luckily I already have the NRF24L01 module fitted


mine still not delivered :frowning:


If you are in a rush for one of these and don’t want to wait, don’t bundle your order with extra props and frames. I think they have plenty of RTFs but are running short on parts which may delay your order.


I only bought the unit only. no extra props and frames. post office in my country is inefficient, not totally banggood’s fault. sometimes its already here but I have to wait another week to get the notice from post office. And to be honest I already ordered 4 more lols but my first orders has not yet arrived.


I just bought one of these today! Waiting on it and the beebrain.


Just received a set of spintechs motors for my SilverWhoop. First from them, nice packaging and 6 motors in a set.
Hope to fit them tonight and see how much difference they make, enough to let me play proper acro?


Quick update: faster motors brings the SilverWhoop to life! Proper punch and a good 2.30mins from the 150mAh batteries. Videos as soon as I get time.


My 4 e010’s are on backorder at BG :persevere:.
Got them at 9.92 each during their 10th anniversary sale. Couldn’t resist :blush:


Are you using the stock E010 battery @Chaotix? I will be making my SilverWhoop soon, with BG Chaoli motors though.
Yea Spintech motors are awesome, I have some 8,5mm from them and they are unbeatable. Cheers


I got some Spintech 8.5s for a different build. Rippin’

EO10 ~ Still on backorder. (sad panda)


Here’s the next one

And those frames are really cheap, just about 0,60$, but out of stock.


Durability update:
The frames do break but not the same way as inductrix ones. The weak point is the strut but where it joins the motor housing, I’ve also split a duct cleanly on the same corner I broke a strut.
I still think they’re better designed for durability than the inductrix one though.
Silverware allows high speed, spectacular crashes!


@thexboxblaster I am using 150mAh eachine batteries. They get pretty hot after a hard 2 or so minutes but weight means better flights. 2.30 best with spintechs, 3.30 best with x9 motors.
Spintech powered flights are more exciting :smiley:


I remember seeing or reading somewhere that the JJRC version is a lousy flying quad but this review shows they are pretty much the same.


@jayodas did you experience the blue one already? They all look the same but not sure about the flight characteristic


BG just release this micro F3 flight controller. I think it will fit the E010

Sad thing though it doesn’t have a built in Rx


No, I am still waiting for my Eachine E010 to arrive.


same. E010 still on back order till the 21st. :frowning: