Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


I’m trying to get something decent recorded but I’ve been hampered by windy weather, work and still a dodgy fx797t. It’s my oldest most beaten up one that was acting up randomly so I didn’t mind hacking it up to make the low profile mullet mod. I thought because I was redoing the connections between board and cam it might sort it. I lose signal while flying for a second or two, white snow, then it comes back fine, usually after I’ve crashed though. I can’t replicate it on the bench by moving all the wires and board, only during flight.
I have managed a full battery or two and about to try and get more.

I have to say I’m really pleased with the SilverWhoop and can’t wait for my frames and spare props to arrive. I’ve ordered a couple of sets of the Chaoli motors Banggood has and will post my findings. I want to try some of Benedikts fastest motors in one as well.

I did a quick test of the props on my 6mm Armattan cf framed H8 and have a feeling they work just as well with no ducts! Maybe they are just fancy prop guards after all :wink:


I think new Eachine qx73/qx80/qx90 are better and cheaper alternatives


At last I have more video of SilverWhoop in action. Still with my oldest, most bashed vtx.

Show us your builds!

oh my Gee! mine still not arrived. thanks @Chaotix for the comparison. I’ll definitely build a silverwhoop as well but the h8 board was out of stock recently :frowning: I just burned my H8 due to short circuit, my fault.


Placed my order over a week ago and they still haven’t shipped, which is not typical for banggood. I am guessing these are selling real well


yeah looks like it. I need to stock more of this before they’re gone! lol


Oh look, the H101 board matches the red E010 frame and props really well.


this Floureon H101 I don’t see it in BG


Didn’t see it on bg either, but gb has it:

Dang, on sale too.


Nice christmas gift… reminds me on the Nano QX… but i think still no chance to use my Spektreum DX6i … ? :slight_smile:


ON IT’S LOWEST TODAY!!! :heart_eyes:
Eachine E010


My original order now has a status of “backordered” :frowning: That order had extra props and frames so that may be the hold up

Just ordered a couple more for xmas presents


Do you know what Protocol the eachines use? Can this use a different TX like a Devo 7E?


Yes deviated already @goebish to thank. I’m not sure if it’s made it to the nightly builds yet you need the nrf module fitted and it flys fine on the Devo.


I just merged the protocol into trunk, it should be in tomorrow’s nightly, select MJXq protocol and E010 format option :slight_smile:


… and of course it’s already in the nrf24-multipro :wink:


There you go… Cheers @goebish


Just ordered a bunch of E010. Couldn’t resist the $12 sale price today. :blush:

@Chaotix: Good to hear I’ll be able to fly the E010 with the Devo 7e if needed. Mine’s been deviated for a while, but only to use DSM2. I have yet to do the range mod or get another radio module for it. Guess this will be the occasion to do it and learn. :stuck_out_tongue:

@goebish: Un grand merci for all your open source coding work! :slight_smile:


Is there a tutorial on updating your multi modul for taranis? With my Devo 7E and the E010 everything works fine. Thanks!


just connect a 3.3 Volt FTDI dongle ($2.50 on bg) to the programming header, like that:

Then use the Arduino IDE to upload the last firmware
open nrf24_multipro.ino in the IDE, select arduino pro mini 5V/16MHz then upload.