Tinywhoop Cheaper Alternative


I’m still looking for an ultimate indoor quad more like the tiny whoop or inductrix from blade. To be honest I thought my scisky build was enough but really it’s just too powerful for me using it indoors. it’s too fast! It’s pricey changing motors after a few crashes too. I love the design of the inductix and the cool prop guards and props too. And I am looking for another quad with same design, then I saw this http://goo.gl/86VOCG

Perfect size, same as the inductix. I can probably change board to H8 mini and flash the acro firmware. BUT it’s not yet availalable :frowning: WHY?!

Or I can go for H8 mini and do this instead Tinywhoop Killer? Cheaper and more powerful (as per the video)

I would love to buy the inductrix but they are too expensive for me. plus I need to change the motors and buy a camera. The price of BNF alone can buy me H8mini + camera and some batteries. And the H8 motors are cheap as well when they burn out.

What do you think? Should I save for inductrix (which I think until Chrismas haha) or should I buy the H8mini + FX camera http://goo.gl/XUkcBf instead?

---- UPDATE Sept 5,2016:
@Chaotix’s silverwhoop build seems a good whoop alternative too. Check it out!

It’s an H8 mini board with silverxxx acro firmware on E0101 body.

Help with actual setup for inhome flying
Blade Inductrix BNF

I have to advise the H8 or H101 route with that cam. The inductrix can’t be tuned like the silverwared H8 can which means you’ll never get it feeling just right once you add a cam combo. A 3D frame similar style to the inductrix might already exist somewhere for the H8 boards or alternatively just leave the propguards on the original body, same effect more or less. Development continues with the Silverxxx firmware too as well as there being a fairly decent support team of people experimenting with it on the forums.
I used to want an inductrix as they are kinda cool but I honestly have so much fun with all my silverware collection and my sciskys that I’d rather spend on them.
Looking forward to seeing your build whatever you decide.


Thanks Chaotix that made me want the H8 even more when I read your comment :slight_smile: I’ll buy soon, just waiting for the flasher to restock :slight_smile:


The Eachine H8 or Floureon H101 are great flying boards once paired with 7mm motors. I bought an Inductrix and the camera for it but decided not to spend on the motor upgrade. Now I find the Inductrix to be the perfect indoor acro LOS trainer. I’m flying a few batteries with the Inductrix every evening to improve my acro LOS muscle memory and reaction time.


Being the owner of both H8 and inductrix, what do you recommend @jayodas?


The H8 is cheap and very versatile. You can do a lot with it so there’s a lot of value for the money spent. Up till now the Inductrix is unique in that it is a very light 6mm quad with a frame that protects the propellers and motors completely. The Tiny Whoop FPV mod for it is definitely cool, but you have to decide if you’re willing to spend the money on it.


I’ve been flying the H8s for a while now, and it’s by far my favorite toy quad, especially after doing the firmware mod. But if I’m looking for durable indoor flight, I presume the Inductrix is better?


wonder if the E010 Mini is deviated…
That would change a lot.
much more tunable.
my sensors are sparked…


Now we have a Chaoli Motors for Inductrix from Banggood! $2.49 per piece :scream:


Pre-oder starts now!!! http://goo.gl/86VOCG

Available in Green and Red I’ve ordered GREEN hahahah :heart_eyes: OMG OMG OMG


banggood now starting to sell props, frames and motors. its the same dimensions with the inductrix guys :slight_smile:


It’s a good clone in terms of the frame and propellers.

Here’s a great review on how it flies in stock form.

And the icing on the cake is that you can use DeviationTX to fly it!


niiicce! still waiting mine


I would love to use my Spektrum TX to fly it - but i think no chance… :frowning:


YOU can change the FC to inductrix but it will defeat the purpose of buying the cheap clone. I suggest go deviation, you’ll love it. it’s future proof :slight_smile: any quad will work on it as long as you have the module installed.


My suggestion is to put a cheap Silverware flashable fc in, then you have something potentially better than the original inductrix.


I just received mine last night, and it’s really a solid product for $15 + shipping. I don’t know how these guys can turn a profit on these toys. I’m definitely getting a few more of these for some Christmas presents for family and friends.


It’s just been pointed out in a post over on RCG that the pads for the cw motors have the screen print back to front for the positive and negative, I confirm the same on mine. Beware when changing or upgrading the motors.Pic of board


I’ve been flying this on its one battery with a fx798t combo and comparing it to my SilverWhoop with the same vtx and running 150mAh batteries from the H8. The batteries are identical weights and claimed c rating, the E010 one is new and the others are all about half way through their life.
Results are: the best was 2 minutes with the E010 and a best of 3 mins 20 secs with the SilverWhoop.
The SilverWhoop has a bit more punch to its flights as well as better flight characteristics, more responsive.
The E010 is not as precise and harder to get through tight gaps.
Weights are almost identical, motors are x9 for the SilverWhoop and generic marked md for the E010 the x9 ones are supposed to be slightly better than generics so that might explain part of the difference.
Conclusion: this is not really a proper test just my observations, I believe my build works generally better than the E010, both would benefit from more powerful motors but I wonder if the silverware board being better tuned allows more power to be used.

I will buy another couple of E010 frames as they are considerably better made than the blade ones and actually hold the H8 board better as well. The E010 props are identical to the blade ones in shape and diameter so a few sets will be in the order.

Anyone else played about with it yet?


Thanks for the comparison @Chaotix. I almost bought the E010 yesterday and now the price has jumped to $19.99. I think I might just buy the frame and propellers and make my own with an H8 FC like you’ve done. I’m still looking forward to seeing some more FPV videos of your flights with your H8 whoop. :wink: