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Tiny Whoover


The bottom of mine still looks basically just like the second picture in the first post. I get reverse if I throttle up just my single lift motor … and at half throttle on the lift motor you can lay down on the floor and see all the way under it. It’s already off the ground at less than a quarter. No need to over think it. Heck even one lift motor is more than enough with the right software (whooverware … hehe).


Absolutely - I was just wondering if a shallow ‘V’ bottom would improve cornering - kinda like a motor boat leans into turns…
Friday night - geeking out and sorting parts…


Hello, I’m French and novice :slight_smile: and it’s google who does the translation. I built since a few months ago Whoover, thanks for the firmware.
I want to reverse the pitch, can you tell me where and how to do it?
Thank you.


Hi @Willki. It will help if you let us know what controller is being used and what radio transmitter you have. Pitch can be reversed both in the radio and in the firmware. I haven’t read this entire thread and also do not have a whoover but if you have a radio that is programmable and allows you to change things you should be able to go into the menus and just reverse that channel.


Yes I also reverse pitch and do so in the radio.


Hello @madman1412 and @NotFastEnuf ,
I use the stock tx with E011c or h8 controller, so I want to make the change at the firmware level.


That gets a little more advanced and is unfortunately something I always forget how to do exactly. Hahaha. I’d have to test a bit to be sure what works… but while I create the free time to do so, you can try this:

I assume you are using the receiver type rx_bayang_protocol since it is a toy tx you have?

In that file rx_bayang_protocol.c change line 144 to multiply by negative 1.

rx[1] = packettodata( &rxdata[6] );


rx[1] = (packettodata( &rxdata[6] )) * -1;

There is a better way to do it with a well placed ! symbol, but I can’t remember where it goes and the wrong spot scrambles your channel order while the right spot reverses the channel. So instead of guess wrong on that, the above method should work first try (I hope). Lol. Keep me posted, and if need be I will create some time to test and confirm for you.



I just tested the program change, I have to try with)) which give a bug but with), super it works, really thank you for your work and your quick response. I attach a photo of three of my toys :slight_smile:


These look like some proper hovercrafts, with skirts and everything, awesome job!