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Tiny Whoover






Move those thrust fans inboard a bit or they’ll catch on stuff as you drift by sideways.


They do indeed do just that!
Rev3 will have them a bit further inboard.
The bearings in these motors sound completely horrible (shrill squealing is not a good bearing/bushing sound), so I expect that will be fairly soon.


Has anyone performed any tests to see if the lift motors participating in yaw help steer the whoov? If they don’t help … then I see the point in the custom hacked firmware. But if they do, then should we be crossing our front motors? That would place more lift on the outside edge in a turn, dragging the inside edge helping even more to come around. Maybe this is insignificant, or maybe the air disperses equally under the “skirt” anyway. Thoughts???

Oh I’ll add… I’ve also been calibrating tge accelerometer on my e010 whoov with its but in the air. This cuts down on power sent to the lift motors … like a hack for not having a dial to turn them down.


Does anyone have an e011 whoover who would like to participate in testing out a whooverware flash?


I’m interested! Built my first whoover on Saturday and now have 3. THEY’RE MULTIPLYING! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyway, love the idea of a custom firmware and wonder if PIDs would do anything? The 720 motored whoover shakes a bit… Again, I’d love to help out.


Yeah we’re gonna have to pid tune them. Are they already on silverware?


I should be able to whooverware something tonight. Hope so!


let me in, printing this guys now. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2790506
Hope it will fit with E011 duct.


No, they are currently on stock firmware but silverising is as easy a fishing the stlink out of the box.


Well, it’s not without risk. Whoovers run great on OEM firmware, and the moment you flash you’re committed. Even to run it in level mode on a stock silverware flash you’re committed to some sort of tuning process. Give me a day or 2 to rip a whoop down and build one… make sure it’s worth it! Lol


Ok… whooverware lives!!! First test runs were this evening. I built a 3 motor whoover with only one lift and two pushers. I used 720 motors and some kingkong props cut down to 45mm. I’m gonna keep trying to improve the code and I need to build a 4 motor whoover for testing this too … but I’m getting close to a release!

Currently, pid stabilization disconnected completely from lift motors. Lift motor speed mapped to pitch stick. Rear motors get yaw stabilization and throttle only.

I’m trying to bring stabilization in one axis at a time and fully tune it before moving on to the next. I plan to attempt to incorporate some sort of pitch stabilization next to help prevent flip overs if I can. This 720 machine will get airborne in about 20 ft. Lol. I will say that having pitch stick be mapped to lift as a pure throttle is fantastic. You can bury the nose and it’s like brakes… turn on a dime. Lift the nose and it backs up reverse if stipped or improves handling on carpet at speed or tackles bumps nicely. And trim it out for the perfect high speed ride height. If pitch stabilization works out I will move on to roll stabilization on a 4 motor whoover.

If any of you guys want to test this early before I release … let me know.


@Chaotix … do you know what the whoovering guys are doing to betaflight? I tried adding pitch stabilization in on pitch but it didn’t prevent flip overs. So next I reversed pitch stabilization to the pushers only. That way if tge nose starts to lift in a flip over type event, the lift motor spooks down (as expected of a front motor in a quad) but the pusher motors also throttle down too … and that worked!!! When I started to get airborne … my throttle was regulated down just enough to keep me on the edge. Anyway … this whole flip over at top speed thing is really just an issue specific to my tail heavy 720 design. And pitch stabilization cane at a cost of less rpm range from the lift motor - sinice pitch pid output is being subtracted from its throttle. Anyway … maybe I’m over thinking this. Should I just stop at stabilized yaw only and seperate throttles for push and lift?


Angle mode? It would keep it level and prevent flip overs…


Yes I’m essentially using an angle mode but adjusting where pid outputs get mapped. In a quad if you are in angle mode and environment pushes the front up… the rear motors increase in speed to compensate. In a whoover with nose high … this just pushes it harder into the flip over event so I reversed pid output to only the rear motors. Same thing with mapping roll to pusher motors… useless. So that’s the general challenge … deciding what kind of response we want mapped to which motors. If i can come up with a few potentially useful configurations … I can map them to aux channels like flight modes. Antiflipover could be a useful one.

I also need to 3d print a whoover. My current tune for a foam one has a BOAT LOAD of yaw D… and it’s torque boosted by another INSANE amount (another derivative). I imagine vibes on a 3d printed one from skittering on the ground are gonna freak that out. Lol. But for foam i am locked in crispy tight on yaw!!!


You are essentially a couple of steps away from becoming a hero to all wives out there. Attach a skirt/brush all the way around and you just made the only sweeper guys will trip over each other to use.


I’ve been contemplating, and I think we should be putting our thrust fans midship. They’re all the back on conventional craft partly to clear the center section for passengers (and visibility thereof) and partly because with vanes on the back for thrust vectoring they get more leverage back there.
We have neither consideration, our yaw comes from thrust balance and potentially from prop torque on lift motors.

I intend to build another one with mid mounted thrust, but it could be a bit due to evening meetings.


I have only 4 motor frame, will that work with your alpha whooverware? if so, I can be a tester.