Tiny Whoover






Move those thrust fans inboard a bit or they’ll catch on stuff as you drift by sideways.


They do indeed do just that!
Rev3 will have them a bit further inboard.
The bearings in these motors sound completely horrible (shrill squealing is not a good bearing/bushing sound), so I expect that will be fairly soon.


Has anyone performed any tests to see if the lift motors participating in yaw help steer the whoov? If they don’t help … then I see the point in the custom hacked firmware. But if they do, then should we be crossing our front motors? That would place more lift on the outside edge in a turn, dragging the inside edge helping even more to come around. Maybe this is insignificant, or maybe the air disperses equally under the “skirt” anyway. Thoughts???

Oh I’ll add… I’ve also been calibrating tge accelerometer on my e010 whoov with its but in the air. This cuts down on power sent to the lift motors … like a hack for not having a dial to turn them down.


Does anyone have an e011 whoover who would like to participate in testing out a whooverware flash?


I’m interested! Built my first whoover on Saturday and now have 3. THEY’RE MULTIPLYING! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyway, love the idea of a custom firmware and wonder if PIDs would do anything? The 720 motored whoover shakes a bit… Again, I’d love to help out.


Yeah we’re gonna have to pid tune them. Are they already on silverware?


I should be able to whooverware something tonight. Hope so!


let me in, printing this guys now. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2790506
Hope it will fit with E011 duct.


No, they are currently on stock firmware but silverising is as easy a fishing the stlink out of the box.


Well, it’s not without risk. Whoovers run great on OEM firmware, and the moment you flash you’re committed. Even to run it in level mode on a stock silverware flash you’re committed to some sort of tuning process. Give me a day or 2 to rip a whoop down and build one… make sure it’s worth it! Lol