Tiny Whoover


Has anyone tried an 8.5mm version yet?


You volunteering to be the first?


Here my second build handmade with silverware lighter , faster and longer drift ! Can handle up to 720mah , Front Led and Back led added . All i need is to install my vtx and cam ! Hope you like . Wish i had a 3D printer xD. (Might use a RC toy car servo for better direction from walmart)

For more pic you can visit my instagram , because i dunno if you can see all pic here beside the first one .



Have you worked out any changes to the code similar to the betaflight mods that @Chaotix mentioned. I’m tempted myself to try putting my
Lift motors on a switch and keeping idle up going on the push motors so I can still yaw at zero throttle … but I think I’ll miss the standard mix… I’ve had alot of fun jumping this bad boy off ramps tonight. Standard leveling does its job and it stays right in course (if a bit wobbly while sailing through the air). Can’t make up my mind if I want to commit to losing that or if I need to be able to jump back into leveling to catch air!


Of course, it didn’t take long until…


It’s also time to design and print some purpose built ducts, in this setting you can run the right clearances required for the ducts to actually increase thrust at decreased amps.
I have a few ideas I want to try regarding ducts, motor sizing, etc.

I have no idea what motors are in mine, quite possibly stock e010! It’s a speedy little thing but can’t deal with carpet especially, and I need to do some serious PID work, the poor controller (beecore v1 frsky) is badly confused about turning, lol.

Fun though!


So much fun.


Short Video , showing my second Tiny Drifter ! Enjoy


@NotFastEnuf Time for a Boss Hoover NFE ! :grin:


I’m kinda pissed with the whole hoover thing because I had the idea for a long time, but I’ve waited to long to do it. Now if I make a hovercraft it wouldn’t be original anymore so I refuse to do it. What pissed me off the most was when I shared the idea for a hovercraft on Facebook the responses were like ‘who cares’, ‘why’, ‘whoop is already a hovercraft’ etc… lol
Then someone does it and everyone is on the bandwagon. Now im a hater!! lol :joy:


Haha, everybody thought of it sometime but nobody actually did it until mr Badassdrones.
Don’t be silly, join the fun man.


@JBFPV I can relate to your reluctance to jump on a bandwagon and desire for originality. Heck I resisted whoops for the longest too and had it not been for the opportunity to assert my own origional touch with my first vacuum formed canopy … I would still be resisting whoop bandwagon. Lol. I second the push for you to build one… but encourage you to innovate in the process so that you can be at piece with your creative side and join the fun. I will support you in whatever way I can … is there a way you can work out to make them do tricks?? We do have silverware after all … and there are hex boards out there which could give us two more motors!!!


You both have a point but I have plenty of other projects I want to do so I’ll stick to those for now :slight_smile:


How about 8.5s for the pushers and 6mm for the lifters?


I was thinking similar things, though 816 and 716.

I’m excited about this new field.


So im gonna start looking for some foam when i get home… :smile:
Anyone tried using 4 blade for lift and 3 blade for forward thrust?
Will the batteries last longer than when whooping the same gear?


I think @Bobnova is doing something with mixed props.

Myself, I was looking at older pre whov micro hovercraft designs and it’s quite common to split the thrust coming off of one primary motor to both fill the air cushion and provide forward thrust. I wonder if instead of throttling down the two lift motors … if we just mounted them on the back next to the other two and routed some of their thrust below for the cushion …leaving the rest out the back for more forward speed and steering authority. May be tricky to determine the right amount to split … but it’s worth a shot. Or a hex board with two lift and 4 thrust could be fun too!!!


So cutting foam vs 3d printing - which seems to have better results?


Personally I’m gonna stick to foam.


I’ve seen a few designs with split thrust. Some with only two motors and a roughly 50/50 thrust split between hover and thrust, and some with 4 motors with two dedicated thrust and two with 65% hover and 35% thrust.

I’m running 4 blade props on hover and 3 blade on thrust on some mildly worn mid-China-grade 6mm motors.

Tried 2 blade everywhere, it worked fine but was very peaky, enough throttle to hover went forward quite quickly and yaw was… intense.
I tried 4 for hover and 2 for thrust, that was better but still pretty peaky.
4 hover and 3 thrust is the most controllable so far.
I think my next model might be 716 for hover and 615 for thrust, to see if it can deal better with carpet.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of the more controllable looking videos (admittedly on hard flat floors) are from 45-60 gram dry weight vehicles. Hovering on an air cushion isn’t like hovering in the air!

Mine, meanwhile, is not that heavy or controllable.

I’ve tried 150mah, 260mah, and 550mah batteries so far, the 550 is by far the easiest to drive (though it’s not capable of carpet), while the 150 is fastest but hard to drive (and can’t carpet either), while the 260 is closer to the 150 in speed and controllability it CAN do carpet, poorly.

I think I need a shark fin like the 90s indycars had, this thing is happy to just go sideways!
Also the PIDs I have in it are dodgy at best.

I think I mentioned above that I tried it on water, it did work but the foam took on water and stopped floating as well, then I flipped it over backwards and submerged the whole thing, oops.
Dried it out overnight and it’s all happy now though.

I plan to 3d print some ducts to put on foam, a well as to try some 3d printed vehicles and a 3d printed skirt for a foam body.


Designed a duct, uses pusher type props so it’s easy to print. 7mm motors. If you drill through whoop props with a #68 drill they can go on in pusher mode.
Haven’t actually tested it, younger kid is having a blast Whooving the kitchen.

My abs is very wet.