Tiny Whoover


Well I couldn’t resist… here is tiny whoover prototype #1 for me. When contemplating the design my mind wandered towards silverware hacks to increase performance and other more complicated approaches but it’s totally unnecessary. Level mode on an e010 works great. I’ve even tackled some big bumps like running up on the kids foam padding on the living room floor by leaning back to lift the nose more then leaning forward. A lean forward on pitch will give a little speed boost in a straight away. They’re fast and too much fun!
I used some of the foam packaging from my 3d printer box. The soft epp type.

Above you can see the air pocket recess I hogged out with a dremel.

Here is the fc mounting and battery bay. Batt plug moved to the top of the fc.

Half of an e010 frame shoved down into the foam and hot glued for rear motor mounts.

Upwards bevel on nose to help get over bumps.

This Is a great use of old busted frames and crap motors. These parts all had broken struts, broken ducts, bent up props, and we’re otherwise not of any use in the air. But they make all darn fine whoover!

Edit: keep your prop tool handy … these guys suck up hairs like mad - you’re gonna be pulling props off pretty often but it’s so worth it.

Next … fpv gear, paint job, and maybe a 7mm version!!!


I bought home a bunch of foam for just exactly this reason. Came on the forum to look for a thread and start one of one didn’t exist!

I was thinking about modeling and printing a vacuum form mold… Or just molding some hard plastic curved strips for the edges. A lot of my house is carpet so it’d be nice to be able to drive there.

Have any onboard video yet?


No video yet… but soon. I wanted to do a plastic bag skirt to help with carpet and larger bumps. It will be fun to see what we come up with for the ultimate all terrain whoover. And it’s a great use of dusty old gear. Any old toy fc will work fine! I have quite a selection of those too!
So it starts… can’t wait to see where this goes!


Now that I think about it … I bet swapping sides on the front motors but leaving them soldered were they are supposed to be may help cornering too. Might help it drop the inside edge in a corner adding drag and helping it come around… although they do pretty good as is!


I’ve seen them made from frisbees, yoghurt pots, camping bowls, plastic food trays, you name it they’re making them out of it.
I’m trailing a special Betaflight fork that has the lift motors mapped to a pot on my taranis so you dial in lift then throttle and yaw for action. The standard Betaflight mix worked very well to but I like to keep ahead of the game lol.

@NotFastEnuf canopy making another appearance on something different!


Wow, this stuff is just so cool. Man, there’s some talented guys in this hobby.

I hate to be a skeptic, but I think that “Tiny Whoover” needs to be Trademarked before some, um, “guy” gets his paws on it and keeps everyone from using it. :frowning:

Can’t wait to build one of these!


Ha! Love that canopy showing up on all your “experimental” projects! ! Hey so design questions … you’ve got an air gap between your ducts and your deck? Any reason for that? Do I need one?


I’m plotting ways to design/print ducts for 720 motors and the 40mm triblades, more thrust for lift means rougher terrain.

Also contemplating using 0720 for lift and 6mm for thrust, for battery life reasons.


The original name is Tiny Whoov, this guy Alex Badassdrones is credited with the idea and his plans and vid are here.
Cemal (Dronejunkie) and Jesse are on board with it already, kits available soon though it’s too much fun just hacking what you have.
I prefer the name Whoov doesn’t sound so much like an appliance :grinning:


@NotFastEnuf, no reason really for the gap, it reduces the lift but I have a skirt of sorts underneath, plastic bag with holes in it so the air bag is good enough. V2 will have the ducts mounted with no gap so I can reduce the power to the lift motors to save battery. This particular canopy has only been on one other build, slightly less abused lol.


Yeah… that’s why I’m going with whoover. I don’t need to be threatened again by unnamed copyright holders. Lol And it sounds cute when my kids say it! :smile:


Yeah I’m planning a skirt for v2 also! Should help getting over bumps.


Who’s going to take the plunge and test it on water? :smile:


Want to join the FB group? I’ll add you if you want.


Me, lol. Need to build it first though.


Tiny whoov group? I’d like in!


@Chaotix - sure me too! I don’t fb much but I did start again for the e011 modders group. Also one advantage I just discovered to autolevel is that it takes jumps quite nicely!!! Time to start working out a cool track!!!


The version I’m testing with lift dialled in would be best on water as you don’t want to lose the air bag. Mind you weighing 30g and having so much foam in it means it’d probably float ok, I’m game to give it a go soon.


If these bad boys are able to go on water I’m going to build a fleet of them!


I had a couple tyco hovercrafts as a kid and they went on water fine. I don’t see why not. It’s basically the same thing.