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Tiny whoop throttle response


sorry I try to explain my problem with my poor english…
I have two tiny whoops based on eachine e010 and dsm2 micro evo3 FC from BG, the one with vertical usb socket.
battery 240mah, 25mw camera, 26 grams in order to fly
setup on betaflight 3.15

there are no problem if my 2 whoops fly full throttle
If I take off the throttle to adjust altitude, the whoop starts falling inexorably until it bounces to the ground before resumes
somethimes it resume after a 2-3 second delay, if I fly at sufficent altitude I have time to solve but at 3 meters from the ground it fall down and bounce before throttle response work well again.
I do not understand if it is a hardware problem or a bad setup.
too heavy 26 grams? bad quality components? or something else to set better on betaflight?
the problem appear in any batteries charge conditions and It forces me to always fly in traction without being able to take off the throttle.
When I try to adjust my altitude I always end up in a quite fast controlled leveling descent on the ground before start fly immediately well again

please does anyone know a way to solve it?


What motors are you using? Stock E010 motors? If so, 26 grams might be too heavy and it could be underpowered. What kind of flight time are you getting? How much percent throttle is required to hover?


I use BG red / black motors 59000 rpm, flight time around 2 min with camera eachine tx01
hover well al 1/3 quite fast and powerful.
motor rpm rate=6000

not all the times but frequently when I pull back the trottle stop responding and start this delay descent before take response again,.
It seems as if the flight controller remains 2-3 seconds enchanted locked on the controlled descent
When it touches the ground it starts as brilliantly as the first take off
the major problem is indoor inside my house where I want a controlled flight with frequent altitude adjustments, outdoor is more easy take the control from 15-20 meters altitude or flight all the battery time at full throttle.


Have you tried adjusting your throttle curve in Betaflight?

If you adjust throttle mid to a percentage (30% is 0.3) around what stick you hover at and then give about 0.45 throttle expo, it may make it easier to control altitude indoors because it will give you finer throttle control around hover.

Also, does this problem happen at the beginning of flight or nearer the end because you could be hitting low voltage cutoff on punch outs when you try to prevent decreasing in altitude.


OK that should be fine, so that rules out the underpowered part. You could check the receiver tab in betaflight to check throttle channel is behaving as it should. Could it just be prop wash? Whoops are very effected by it, that is normal. That happens when you hover in one spot and drop too fast, the air gets pushed down and the whoop falls into the falling air, it’s a snowball effect. Does it only happen when you are hovering still, or does it also happen when you are flying forward?


look at this video… is not mine but the problem is the same…

also the response time is similar… from that atitude is easy to have response before touching the ground (like in the video) but from 2 meters is impossible and the quadcopter bounce before take off again


It sounds like propwash, my whoops did/do that too. They really fly best when constantly moving forward.


Yup that’s propwash. Just always keep your Whoop moving forward and never descend straight downward or fly forward that backward into your own old path.

It took me some practice, but now I can zip up and down the stairs in my house.


When you start getting into the downward trip give it a bunch of angle and try to get out on the column of air the props create.

Ducts have a much for focused “beam” of sure that come out, and settling into that beam means you need a LOT more thrust to achieve hover relative to the ground. It’s hovering or gaining altitude relative to the air it’s in, but that air is headed rapidly down.


sorry I lost the answer, many thanks for help, I have understand how to contrast this effect but
probably I have also a problem with my batteries
i have some eachine 240mah 1s lipo
this are my batteries but I’m not satisfied about theese

I don’t want to buy another set of theese poor quality items, after 2 months are all puffy and now they give me only one minute flight

please someone may suggest me a better quality battery with same molex connector and measure?
I have no idea where to find something better


I’d think those Eachine’s would be decent batteries, but I wouldn’t trust that charger to do much.

This chart is very handy:



The batteries are fine - it’s the charger that’s wonky…I have 3 flaky ones that work when they feel like it - I did order a real charger - I suggest the same in order to avoid intermittent headaches.


yes… maybe is true… the charger I use with this batteries is the orange usb pen… now I try to charge with my old duratrax ice, I have not a quality 1s charger and my ice charger at the moment is the best I have


Hello folks,

thought i’d drop in a few thoughts:

When it comes to batteries i agree with Scott, the eachine stock 240mAh is a wonderful battery. BUT: Got hooked on the Crazepony 230mAh HV batteries - those are night and day difference to the stock batteries. (using a standard 4.2V charger - eFlite Celectra) Hovering at 40% throttle…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But i would not blame chargers too much. If they don’t fry your batteries with too high charge rates and have a clean top cut off voltage IMHO you can use anthing to charge. I used the orange usb stick too for the stock eachine 240mAh and it did wonderful everytime. (Even though my ShineyWhoop got lost in a corn field for 1 hour - camera sucked it down to 2.12V!)
Using cheap chargers just make sure your lipo takes not much less than 30mins to charge an check the voltage after charging. You have 4.15 to 4.20 volts you are pretty fine.

But, WrighZilla, if your batteries get puffy too fast, did u check the voltage after flying?

Cheers, Rick


Probably also worth mentioning, in regards to this threads original subject - those batteries are pretty heavy and you’ll have a hard time recovering from propwash with them.

Very first thing I learned about that size quad, anything over 220 is a total performance killer.


Those green brick chargers typically charge so 400-450mA, way too much for whoop sized batteries.

I have a thread around here somewhere on modding them for proper charge current.


This one? HOWTO: Setting charge rate on cheap chargers

I’ve modded my three multi chargers this way and they produce perfect results, the pen USB ones I have do not.

Oh and thanks for that @Bobnova


Yup, that’s the one!

The pen style USB charger scare me, they have no brain I could find.