Tiny Whoop Nano

There’s no thread for it, so…

I’m mainly interested in the firmware. I wasn’t able to find much information about “TBS Harold”.

I have a TW nano in the mail and I hope it clears customs before I’m off to visit family over the easter holidays.
Will keep you posted.


As there is mention it can run Betaflight BEEBRAIN v2 target, I’m guessing their “new” firmware is a brushed variant of flight one.

I’m more interested in the frame. Hopefully there’ll now be a slew of companies that follow suit in making similar sized frames

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I love the smaller form factor - whoops started getting bigger and bigger so that’s really refreshing. And the fact that it can turtle is really cool! I hope some other companies come out with their versions. I am never going near the old Unify Nano again and I’d prefer if it could run Silverware.

AlienWhoop Zer0 looks like it could fit the frame with some slight changes to the PCB design… :thinking:

Anyone have one currently? I’m unable to bind mine to my X-lite no matter the method (suggested or otherwise.)

Customs took too long, as always… :roll_eyes:
I’m at the in-laws now, so I probably won’t receive it for another week or so.

I dont have one but this showed up in my suggested youtube videos : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ai2NGQkxBM

I have one. I prefer my NewBeeDrone Mockingbird edition by far. I already found out the frame is not very durable and had to repair mine.
Binding to a Jumper T8SG V1 wasn’t too bad once I pressed the correct button on the Nano. There is one on both sides of the camera. You want the one on the RIGHT SIDE as you are looking at the back of the camera.

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Turned out I was pressing the boot button. The VTX button is located under the vtx board. Took talking with Jessie to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Where were the weak points? Thinking of adding a light coating of E6000 to those points.

Being a smaller stack, I wonder if it would fit a cockroach frame?

Goose, at NewBeeDrone dissected a Nano and did a video recently. I don’t think the FC will fit the larger cockroach style frames.
Another thing about the Nano is the battery holder. It’s very tight with a new battery but even tighter, if not impossible, to get a slightly puffed lipo into. The tightness of the battery holder warps the frame but it can be stretched back into shape. Trying to get the battery in is probably how I broke to duct supports.

I highly recommend watching the dissecting video by Goose prior to making a Nano purchase.

I believe this video to be heavily biased against the Nano, as Goose seems to bash everything about it blindly, real conflict of interest since he works for NewBeeDrone, a major competitor, who’s Hummingbird FC was overshadowed by the Nano. I think this video even gives TBS grounds to sue for defamation, as it is quite illegal for a manufacturer to publish a spiteful bashing of a “review” on a competitor’s product. So I’d say don’t trust this video because it is biased and possibly illegal marketing.

I had the nano whoop for a short time:

  • Unfortunately, all the criticisms are correct – in my opinion ! :wink:
  • it flew very precisely …
  • at full throttle he drifted off

too bad …:frowning:

but I think the concept is very good

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It’s a bit touchy when hitting things due to the gyro (I think)

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I just received my Nano.

The bad: no battery telemetry :cry: I had high hopes when I read that it supports D16.
The good: it flies fantastic! Not as good as Silverware, but WAY better than Betaflight/Mockingbird.

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After hearing about an issue with his Q X7 and Nano bind issue, I did some tinkering and found this solution. Not sure if it’s already known, but here is what I found.