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Tiny whoop malfunction (rotating 360) need expert help


My tiny whoop is rotating 360 when I ever start to fly. The transmitter throttle is in the middle. ( tuning it didn’t help either ). I need help figuring what is the problem

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Brushed test quad going crazy

Looks like your motors are mixed up. Stock inductrix (anything blade) has motor wires swapped. Black/white front left. Red/blue front right.
Edit: a close up pic of ur quad would help too


I don’t think so. here is a pic any way.


How old are your motors? Are transmitter trim setting to neutral? Are any props obstructed from spinning freely?
Do you have another set of motors to test with?

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Is this a stock tiny whoop or did you replace the motors?


I would look for any debris that may be wound around the shaft of any of the motors. A little hair or lint gets caught under one of the props and on the shaft of the motor can cause a drastic decrease in motor performance. Can we see a better picture of the props? They should be CCW for the motors with black and white wires and CW for the red and blue. It is hard to tell from the pic that us posted if they are correct. If the props are correct then I would pull the props and look for any obstruction and if that is not it I would try swapping motor locations to the opposite corners and see if it changes the direction of 360. Typically or at least from my experience, you will not be able to fly at all if you have props wrong and the quad will just spin in circles but not lift off.


There are new I just bought the whole thing crashed it couple of time before started doing that. The props are spinning freely. Haven’t test the new motors.


It is spinning like Ninja star . I bought the whole thing assembled ; at first it worked really fine then crashed a couple of times. Then it started doing that.


Check for hairs etc. under the props. Also check whether one or more motors get hotter than the others.


I have checked for hair or lint got rid of them still doing the same thing. The quad is lifting and spinning 360 while lifting. I actually could hold it’s position for a little bit if I turned the throttle stick in the opposite direction. I’m not sure what is the problem.


I know this is going to sound stupid but I have done this before so I need to ask. Have you checked that the trim did not accidentally get moved from center? I was testing some FC and thought that the ACC calibration was off and this was a programmable FC so I tried to do a stick calibration. Couldn’t figure out why it would not work till I checked my trim centers and I had apparently accidentally hit the trim button on my transmitter and moved the YAW trim off center. Other than a motor that is worn or damaged that is all I can think of. Had this quad flown ok prior to this or was this brand new and started to happen out of the box? Is that a stock inductrix or is it a custom FC? I see you mention that tuning it did not help so I am guessing it is a beecore or similar?


I have had this happen recently,
Also it seemed to fix itself at times then go into spin slow to gradually faster as the weak motor became warm.

after motor replacement the problem was solved. :octopus:

run it hard in your hand so the problem motor shows itself by getting way hotter then the others, or (in the case of a non-spinner) throttle up full climb and observe where the quad favors a corner.


same with my Beebrain… How does it act in the GUI?


@Luftschraube Isn’t it a standard inductrix FC?
So no gui.


found my thread, thx!


Thanks a lot problem solved after motor replacement.