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Tiny Whoop frame options


The only thing I dislike in goldberg is its ducts. They are lower than prop so they dont help in increasing efficiency.

I will print it and check, but thats not gonna fix physics.


You can also try the version of the ultralight with ducts, does not add ‘duct effeciency’ but the light weight more than makes up for it. Printed in ABS I have had great results with it, as long as you try to make it as light as possible to avoid breakage. I’ve only broken one of these frames in many months!


i didn’t break anything since i changed from stock e010 frame to e010s frame. In a tiny whoop, at least for me, flexible means durable :slight_smile:


@arrowcircle: At this micro scale, and with the low quality (high tolerance) production of molded or 3D printed plastic, ducted fans offer no demonstrated gain in efficiency. The ducts are simply to protect props. As far as I can tell, for a Tiny Whoop, gains in efficiency are imaginary, placebo if you will.

Therefore, I think the better approach is to decide whether you want protection OR light weight. If you want protection, the original Inductrix and E010/E011 frames are excellent, as is the Goldberg. If you want light weight for improved performance, then the Race Frame linked above by @JBFPV is hard to beat.


This is only 3g and has prop protection, free international shipping for 1 week if you join the rotoriousfpv Facebook group.


I like this design but it looks easy to break after a crash


Toughest one I’ve crashed yet :wink:


Just received 3 of these x racer frames from fpvmodel today. My e011 is now broken so i’ll be doing a transplant asap. The frames came into a very nice individual plastic box and packaged in a carboard box (for a 6$ order with free shipping, note down Banggood)

I don’t know how tough and durable will be this little fella but it seems to me that the e011 frame could be more resiliant. But it has a great design, and that inner ring seems to be a great feature. The bad thing is that none of my batteries will fit in there, so i’ll have to do a little trimming. Other than that, i’m eager to see how it flies!


I just received a bunch of e010 frame stiffeners that i ordered with the idea of using them as a frame, and there are a bunch of possibilities for this. In fact, i used them too to build micro with 0720 motors, but the inductrix frame stiffener will be better for that, as JBFPV just confirmed, because those motors will fit perfectly in the frame stiffener.

Anyways, i’m excited again with 6mm motors and frame stiffeners. To tell the truth, i’m fed up with e010 frames. They’re always bent, one of the motor mounts is always crooked, they’re fragile, and even if you have a lot of spares, even if you throw them into boiling water, for me they’re a pain in the ass.

So, the solution i found is this:

I cut off the ducts from a e010s frame and used a frame stiffener to hold them together. This is the same weight than a regular e010s frame, but much stronger, and if you break a strut, you can replace only that duct

As i said it is very strong and it flies perfect. But i’m also working on another one, without ducts, only motor mounts (and different props)

As soon as i figure out how to flash and configure that furibee f3 board, i’ll finish it.

Let’s say it will be 18gr (still have to mount the camera and add some rubber bands to hold the battery

The Whoopling concept (*all*-in-one FPV electronics)

Hey that’s pretty genius! :thinking: good job improvising with the E010 stiffeners! :thumbsup:


Quick change of motors/mounts (the motors are the same, gold edition from newbeedrone) and quick test of those GW008 props. Right now i don’t have a clear reference, cause it’s been some days without flying the whoop, but my first reaction was WOW. Those little props are just awesome!!! Just have to try them with the 0726 motors (that might be just INSANE)