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Tiny Whoop frame options


I ordered one of these…he has ducts too, but want to try it ductless first.


I tried printing the race edition yesterday but for some reason the motor holders are coming out too small to fit the 6mm motors into. I doubt it is my printer since I printed a Emax Femto FC holder right before it and the FC fit into its hexagonal slot perfectly.


Yeah sometimes you have to fiddle with scaling a bit, because it varies from printer to printer and also the material used. I use ABS which shrinks a bit so I have to print it at 103% scale for a perfect fit. I do that in my slicer (Cura) by selecting the object and use scale: 1.03


So you’ll need to print a few test pieces to figure out the right scaling factor?


Yep, luckily these are pretty small and fast to print :slight_smile:


I just ordered a Rakon frame and should be here next week. I cracked my e010 frame on a small crash and wanted something a little stronger. I don’t mind the weight as it will have insane motors and a Furiousfpv Nuke fc.



Saw this linked from @Benedikt elsewhere and had to try it. Frame flies great and flexible so cracking hopefully a non issue. I’ve not slammed it around either. Only criticism I had to sand around camera mount, front props rubbed. Camera mount, frame, battery compartment and motor cups/stiffener all one piece. She’s on the heavy side, but all my whoops seem to be.


I’m really liking the Goldberg frame. I printed mine in PETG. Not as light a filament as nylon or as durable … not nearly as durable as the recommended flexible nylon filament he recommends printing it in. But in PETG you can skip the bottom stiffening bracket and just use a rubber band for the battery holder (i kept the motor cups…). But even in PETG it’s way stronger than the E010 frame and flies way better at the same weight. I did need to use a tiny piece of foam with mine below the FC.

I’ll definitely give the ultralight frame above a go thanks for the link!


Anybody see the new clear/white e010s frame out. Looks new for eachine - battery bay bracing different, struts at 45 degrees, no weight listed.


Got my Rakon frame and 3 blade props the other day and switched everything over. Loving this setup with the beecore fc. Just waiting on my boldclash motors. For now, I’m using stock 17000kv e010 motors. Will have to order another frame for my Nuke fc. Will be a few grams lighter.


Are the stock motors that fast? I’d thought they were slower.


Just bought three of the white frames for E010S. Weight is listed as 3g. Hope it is same or lighter than the F36 frame.


Those E010S frames look good. My last order of 4 E010 frames arrived like other have mentioned, no breaks but lots of warpage :frowning:

I mailed support and asked how many I would need to order for them to be shipped in a box but the rep didn’t seem to understand my question.

Has anyone got any tips on postage method selection in order to get a shipment in a box of some sorts?


I’ve ordered E010 frames over five times now from BG. Every parcel came with warped frames, or sometimes broken. F36 frames from GB also come warped all the time


I think the vacuum sealing in the built e010 package must straighten them out over time after manufacturing. All the full e010 I have received are mostly straight - not as bad as replacement frames. I may still have some around - maybe I should store them in there like a jig.
Don’t hammer me on this if it’s not a tight fit - I can’t honestly remember - it’s just the only thing I can think of to explain the difference.

Don’t know how I missed the weight at 3g - it’s in red. Hahaha


Dr. Ben stated somewhere in his bazaar thread that if you order something like 10 of them. Then select the shipping option above the free one, they should come in a box instead of one of those black bags.


Aha! That was what I remember something of, must have been a very late night when I was watching, Thanks!

In the delivery options I see free, priority, expedited and EMS shipping. I usually use the priority but all my parcels still arrive in the black bag method.


I ordered the RTF version on Amazon and it came with the normal e010 fc but 17000kv motors. Only flew it once because the little transmitter was horrible lol.



I suddenly broken my e010 frame. I already ordered new from BG, but cant wait to fly.
There are a lot of models on Thingiverse, but which one to get? I dont like goldberg frame, cause it dont have proper ducting. So I am looking for any suggestions.
What is the best 3d printed whoop-sized frame to print and not to wait a lot of time for delivery from China?
I have PETG, ABS and Flex filaments for my printer.


I’ve read many good reviews about the Goldberg frame. It will just cost you a few cents in material and the time to print it. No harm trying one out and see how you like it.