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Tiny Whoop frame options


Frame Weights:
Inductrix frame – 3.2g
FuriBee F36 frame – 3.7g
Eachine E010/JJRC H36 frame – 5g


Thanks jayodas for these comparisons !
1gr is important on the whoop… so choice of the frame is the first basic reflexion
I personally have changed from E010 frame to FuriBee frame to gain about 1.5grs


And then there’s the ultralight, 3D printed frame that @JBFPV is running, which is like 2g! :smiley: Gotta find a good source to get them printed in nylon for resilience.


*1.2 grams :joy::+1:


I gotta ditch the e010 frames. For all their so called durability - I break a frame at least once per session on a pile of batteries. I use acrylic solvent to re weld it back together for a no weight added repair - but still. If I’m breaking them anyway - what’s the point of hauling around the extra weight!


Wow! Can you share some details & photos here please? :smiley:


I didn’t break any E010 frames until I tried to fly through low gates outside and caught the bottom of the motors on the ground at full speed. Snapped a strut in each forward duct doing that.
They’re amazing at surviving direct impacts, I’ve plowed straight into walls at full blast with no frame issues, but catching the bottom is too much leverage I guess.


Here is a picture of the Ultralight whoop (love this thing):

Here is a link to the design on Thingiverse:

I’m using the ‘Race’ edition.


Very light weight! Perfect for carrying a larger battery for extended flight time. But I fly pretty crazy indoors and crash a lot so if I build one I’ll reserve it for flying in places where I’m not temped to thread the needle.


Haha I do the exact opposite: I run the lightest batteries and fly it in the tightest space possible like a maniac! Crash all the time, but because of the light weight I rarely break anything! Only broke one frame so far in 3 weeks and that’s it! :sweat_smile:


What about the exposed propellers?


Not so bad actually, on a hard crash they bend but I just bend them back. Haven’t broken a single one yet. They do wear out eventually and start to cause vibrations from the deforming.


That’s pretty good. I’m just wondering if you are flying indoors with carpeted floors? In Singapore it’s so humid all year round so we have tiled flooring, so nothing but hard surfaces to crash on.


Half carpeted, but often I smash right on the wooden floor or somewhere in a corner behind some stuff, and when I finally fish it out of there it comes out like this:



Hahaha, I have two dogs and mine come out of dark corners that way too. Do you have any flight footage of your ultra-light whoop? Looking forward to see how much better it recovers from flips and dives.


@JBFPV: Thanks for providing an update about the Ultralight Acro Whoop! I didn’t realize there were three versions of the frame, including one with bumpers around the props. May have to get some printed. I think Thingiverse has an “order this printed” option. (I need my own 3D printer like I need a hole in my head.)


I didn’t realize you needed a hole in your head that badly! Everybody needs a 3d printer.

I’d be happy to print and send if you’d like. Would probably be PLA unless I can make abs work better than it is though.


LOL, @Bobnova! :joy:

I guess a hole in the head could add a considerable amount of lightness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! Appreciate the printing offer. I think I need to use up the frame parts I have on hand first, and finish a bunch of micro brushless builds that are in progress, before going down any more rabbit holes. Will keep your offer in mind for when I give in to my “needs.” :wink:


I have a F36 and I slam it all over the place constantly doing flips and what not. Figured out how to fling it into a backflip while in forward flight :smiling_imp: And I haven’t broken the frame yet, just some props and a burnt set of motors. Ordered 2 more last night but 1 is for a friend.


I broke 2 e010 frames today and a carbon fiber 110 micro frame.

Furibee frames on order. Apparently the way I fly it does not matter if I have a strong frame or a weak one - it’s not gonna survive. May as well save the weight and fly better …