Tiny Whoop 7mm

I like my build BUT lipos get very hot and get puffed very soon.

My similar 6mm build lasts same 3 min flight time with same 260mah lipo but they keep fresh.

Why so much difference? Any advice?




Alot of weight on that build, makes the motors work harder and draw more amps. What KV is those motors and is it like 30g without a lipo?
And that VTX is probably overkill espacially if you use 50/200 mw.

How similar is the 6mm in weight and gear?

Weight is 29.5 grams. 6mm version is 21 grams.

I tested vTx consumption: at 25mW is 290ma, at 50mW is 310ma. Not do much difference.

29.5g is really heavy, would be okey if it was with the battery included.
Whats the KV on those motor and what kind of batteries are you using?

Motors are the only 0716 available here: https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/all-motors/products/cl-0716-17

VTx weights same as others, maybe the cam is a little bit heavier. FC… is FC. Canopy is half gram lighter than the classic one and capacitor is half gram.

I’m using generic eachine 260 mah lipos like this https://www.banggood.com/Upgrade-Eachine-H8-Mini-H8-3D-Battery-3_7V-260mAh-RC-Quadcopter-Spare-Parts-p-987818.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

Thats the insane 17000kv 716 motors, can be pretty amp hungry with all that weight i think. I dont have any data of the current consumption at hand, but i still think that weight with those motors are way to much for that lipo.
My 65mm 716 whoop with those same motors weigh in at 31g including a 250mah Nitro nectar HV lipo. And that flies good and keep the lipos at decent temp…
Every gram counts on these whoops, even 1 gram can make a big difference.
I would try to shave of a few grams, is that cap really needed, maybe a 1000tvl 1.2g cam?

If you can lighten it that will help hugely. Using an aio camera rather than tx03 will cut enough weight to notice. If you don’t absolutely need the capacitor take it off too, the weight it adds isn’t worth it.
If the canopy (which looks awesome) weighs more than 0.4g swap it out for a notfastenuf canopy.
That’ll get you a lot better performance.

Weight is the number one thing in tiny quads, nothing else is as important.

Those batteries say 30 c but I’ve tryed 7 of them and the all very in weight up to 1 gram different, they all have various performance on punch out… Most suck, the black and gold label 45c work with @NotFastEnuf boss 8 pretty good for him, I’ve tryed the 260 30c ones like u have on my boss 8 with eachine Tx02 and it will brown out on first punch, try the 45c in 260mah or even 150mah, they still get warm with my mmw 716 17 whoop. But with 150s it’s an acro machine for about 1:30sec.


Ok, just tried GNB 250mah and got more than 3 min flight time and fresh lipo at the end.

So, C rating of Eachine lipos is fake?

Yes its not acurate. C rating is fake for most lipos i think, its usualy better to look for reviews or ask others what they use.