Till now this is the best 1s recipe for Brushless Whoop and its

Cheap ! FC Boldclash FC F4 OSD , wonder which fc will win between the Newbeedrone and Alienwhoop …or maybe …Qui…:slight_smile:

Do they still sell this FC?

Yea ! 23$ http://www.boldclash.com/boldclash-b06-upgrated-flight-controller-osd-led-strip-5aes-p187.html

do you use boldclash f3 or f4? the f3 is so cheap but rated for 2A only.

F4 * Power supply: 1S Current: 5A continuous and peak 6A (3 seconds)

Did you experience any bounce back on quick flips and rolls? I’m currently trying to tune it out on a crazybee f3 with bf 4.03.

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Spent a whole afternoon tuning it with 4.03 then finally went retro with Betaflight 3.5 . But no didnt had any bounce back . Had to raise idle at 10% and throttle boost at 8 .

I will try raising idle and throttle boost. Thanks

Could’nt resist, dont need it but yea had to buy one

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These things are only $16.99 now. Doesnt seem to be very popular. Guess 1 cell is on the way out. I like racing 1 cell

Sorry, the item is not on the range of the shipping area. On second thought, I think this whole company is on the way out

I really like 1 cell for racing indoor. Betafpv 65mm frame, 0802 19000kv , tri-blades gemfan ,crazybee f3 1s (lowest weight), 1s 260mah hv , UR65 camera w/ smart audio , UR65 canopy.

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But I agree they havent restocked in months.

Still going strong ! i wish we could buy more FC like this one

This looks to be the exact board as this one https://betafpv.com/products/f4-1s-brushless-flight-controller-no-rx-osd

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Yea BINGO ! Didnt even notice …more 1s to build ty

Do you use that curve for all your quads? I am asking because I used to use it also, but only on some underpowered 6mm builds - but never tried on 7mm whoops… What’s your throttle scale value and do you use offset as “idle motors”?
I like to put scale (max throttle) to 125 instead 100 on my Devo 7e and fly everything like that :slight_smile:

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Im only using it with 1s brushless ! it give more precision and you can get the max power , there’s like only 30% that worth playing with on 1s brushless otherwise its not enough powerful especially at low end and the curve help to catch your whoop after your tricks without propwashing or washing out .

OK. Thanks.

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