Till now this is the best 1s recipe for Brushless Whoop and its

Cheap ! FC Boldclash FC F4 OSD , wonder which fc will win between the Newbeedrone and Alienwhoop …or maybe …Qui…:slight_smile:

Do they still sell this FC?

Yea ! 23$ http://www.boldclash.com/boldclash-b06-upgrated-flight-controller-osd-led-strip-5aes-p187.html

do you use boldclash f3 or f4? the f3 is so cheap but rated for 2A only.

F4 * Power supply: 1S Current: 5A continuous and peak 6A (3 seconds)

Did you experience any bounce back on quick flips and rolls? I’m currently trying to tune it out on a crazybee f3 with bf 4.03.

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Spent a whole afternoon tuning it with 4.03 then finally went retro with Betaflight 3.5 . But no didnt had any bounce back . Had to raise idle at 10% and throttle boost at 8 .

I will try raising idle and throttle boost. Thanks

Could’nt resist, dont need it but yea had to buy one

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These things are only $16.99 now. Doesnt seem to be very popular. Guess 1 cell is on the way out. I like racing 1 cell

Sorry, the item is not on the range of the shipping area. On second thought, I think this whole company is on the way out

I really like 1 cell for racing indoor. Betafpv 65mm frame, 0802 19000kv , tri-blades gemfan ,crazybee f3 1s (lowest weight), 1s 260mah hv , UR65 camera w/ smart audio , UR65 canopy.

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But I agree they havent restocked in months.

Still going strong ! i wish we could buy more FC like this one