Micro Motor Community

This community will always amaze me .....Tonight ive found


Did my Maiden with my freshly rebuild ButterWhoop , still missing the cam and vtx so i used my old one with Dashcam OSD !

Short story short i was watching video here and there for getting a good song , usually im looking for lowfi and such but ended with a Tiny Whoop Pilot who also write and sing his songs “Kibbles Malone” , i asked him to use this amazing song called “WHO I AM” , it was just perfect for my mood ! I wish this guy was more knows by the whoop community ! Thank you again bro !

Full video here :wink:

Before :slight_smile:

After :smile:

Anyway still missing my CAM and VTX ! used my old one !

So yea Shout out to this guy ! “WHO I AM”