There is a question about 2305 2450KV motor's thrust


I only know a little about quadcopter motors, and there is a question about my motor’s thrust. I bought 4 pcs 2305 2450KV motors from a motor online shop, and I got a thrust data on their motor details, but my fridens said the thrust data probably is wrong, they should at least 1100g/1200g, but he is not sure. So what do you think of this motor thrust data? is this data right or wrong?


What motor are you using? Usually I wouldn’t trust the thrust charts put out by manufacturers as they can be wrong a lot of the time. I usually check out to compare motors. A 2450kv 2305 motor -should- definitely be making more thrust than whats on that chart like your friend said. If you can’t find any info anywhere on it, I would just put them on and fly! Only one way to really find out :slight_smile:


I bought those motors on , I’m agree with you the manufacturers thrust charts is not worthy to trust. I just want to be sure is it right. I think I get the result. Thanks.