The Ultralight Whoop Build

That’s why i love my whoop. I live in a big city. As big as it is, it’s plenty of tight spaces. I’m almost scared when flying the 8520, with every maneuver it just seems its going to end 3 streets away

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Actually, i ordered many different props to test their performace. Even with lower rpm and bigger props, i can’t understand why there’s such a huge difference flying 8.5 and 6mm motors. In the end they’re not that different!

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Time is an illusion; stick time, doubly so. :wink:



I am trying to get the ultralight frame printed from my school. The 3d printing software my school used is Inventor, and for some reason when I go on ‘3d print’ the desigin doesn’t show up. My teacher says that I have to sketch and desighn my own frame ON INVENTOR, IN ORDER TO GET A 3D PRINTING. Unfortunatly I don’t know how to make one and my teacher won’t make me one. I tried importing the file on inventor, it did go on inventor but it was a ‘look at it only’ mode and when I go on the print tab it doesnt show up. Any ideas on what I should do?