The Ultralight Whoop Build

Guys! The Ultralight whoop build video is finally up! Call the news! lol :joy:

I CHALLENGE YOU ALL to build one! It will change the way you think about micro quad weight forever! It has the best T:W ratio out of all the brushed quads I ever built, this is including 7 / 8.5mm motors.
If you keep it light, it is nearly indestructible as well. I’ve only managed to break one of these frames, ever. Printed in regular ABS. Just make sure to use the smallest battery possible, no 250mah or anything like that. It will get less performance and break quicker if the weight goes up. I use Mylipo 175’s.

The lightest I have managed to go is 15.25 grams, if anyone can get it below 15 grams I’d be super impressed! (Well it is possible with 2 bladed props but you get less punch so that kinda defeats the point which is max T:W Ratio)

@Benedikt I challenge you to try this build, you will be impressed! And surely the chief scientist will come up with something to make it even lighter / better!


@JBFPV: Kudos for finishing this tutorial! That’ll be one important item off your long checklist. :wink:

I’d love to convert one of my non-FPV Inductrix to this frame. But I don’t have a 3D printer, so not sure where to source it. Any places that have the Ultralight Whoop on offer?

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hehe yeah only one thing off the checklist, but it’s a big one! I also 99% finished the FPV Car build video so that is coming up soon as well, probably save it for next week!

I know the guy that designed the frame (David Johnson) sells them on his website: (US Based)

If you are located in Europe I can sell you these frames but in exchange you have to subscribe to the Youtube Channel:

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I’m in the US. So I can go direct to the designer.

Love all the engineering YT channels, incl. this one. Wish I would have had that as a kid! Then I would have become an engineer, instead of a @#$% lawyer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great vid, made me laugh. Gave me some good ideas. I’ve been avoiding whooping but now I’m interested!

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I might have to do this with 0716 motors… I know I loved the speed of the ultralight 6mm I did. Need to finally get abs going on my printer (I say for the 50th time).
It was grand fun, and still heavier than that!


0716 motors? Won’t that make it way too heavy for the frame? I doubt that will be beneficial! But you can try! :slight_smile:

BTW all I just updated it with the worlds most minimalist CM275T camera mount: (don’t laugh)

The power loop over the coffee table is enough to make me want in!


That looks fast and very controllable for indoors, sweet!
Nice tutorial - I am soldering stuff wrong all the time too :wink:

You have some background noise from a fan or similar in the background. If your video editor can do that, I would apply a little bit of noise cancellation, or you can use Audacity to create a noise profile and cancel it out even better.

15g is without battery, right?
AFAIR, my lightest build on a Inductrix frame was 19g without battery.
Saving 4g is impressive! Could you break down the weight savings to 1) frame, 2) plug removal and 3) camera mount? That’s as far as I could see differences to the usual Whoop builds.


Thanks @Benedikt Glad I’m not the only one making rookie mistakes! I didn’t want to cut that part out because I think it was pretty funny… :joy:

The noise in the background is my 3d printer, wasn’t aware you could filter that out, thanks for the tip!

Yes it’s 15 grams without battery, the weight savings come down to:

  1. Frame - biggest weight saving, only 1.2 grams compared to the already light stock inductrix frame at 2.4 grams.
  2. Plug removal
  3. Camera mount
  4. Mini dipole - using just a 12.8mm piece of inner antenna wire, this is covered in the video at 10:50
  5. No screws / motor protection / additional accessories
  6. Not part of the quad but part of the magic: Using a light battery (175mah) because when I start to use bigger batteries, performance is less and most of all, the mass becomes just enough for damage to occur on crashes. I should have highlighted that in the video more.

Only small issue is I have now converted all my batteries to PH2.0 and using the bigger plug adds another 0.3 grams at least so it’s going to be even harder to get below 15 grams now (I wanted to get below 14.99) :laughing:

P.S. you are my hero :wink:


Soo @benedikt have you tried it yet? :slight_smile:

Here is some more motivation for you! haha


Great build. Way beyond my beginner capabilities. I just got my first whoop build up and flying with camera.
That is after making every rookie mistake possible. Burned up 1 camera, 2 FCs and broke 1 motor wire. My desk looks like a whoop grave yard.

But perseverance paid off and I am up and flying. Waiting for my goggles to try some FPV flying.
Am contemplating my next build, but probably wont be a micro micro.


I don’t know what’s the average money expense just to have one or two models flying and some spares, that should be a topic for a whole thread. I’m a photographer so i’m used to spend money in lots of accesories, but this fpv thing is just madness…

I’ve spent lots and lots of money and actually only have one decent build flying (7mm tiny whoop). Didn’t burn up any fc, but have some defective ones, magic smoke on two cameras, one 8520 microquad living on top of a tree, broken props, degraded lipos, lots of spare parts… it’s a neverending list!! But then you go out and fly and it’s just pure fun!!

Welcome to the party fellas keep those parts you’ll never know when you’ll need a component off of one of them !
My spare parts inventory is definitely at least double my current flying fleet Plus spares!
It gives me lots to do and think about when I’m not flying

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I used to have only one quad like you, but then I took a quad to the knee… :joy:

No seriously, I’ve had bad trauma experience spending days building my first quad, preparing, waiting weeks for good weather. Then you can finally fly it and after a few minutes turns out something is wrong and you spend the rest of the sunny day trying to fix it.

And those times you are all prepped up, 20 batteries charged, travel to a spot, only to explode after 30 seconds of flying… And your done.

That’s why I try to have at least one backup quad, preferably more. Flying time is also a currency! :sweat_smile:

Time = Money
Flying time = Gold


3 is the number I aim for, primary, backup, spare.
Currently I’m short a couple, I have two brushless builds and a whoop. Need one more brushless or at least a fast brushed, and a backup whoop. Or two.

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Yeah, you’re right. Now i have recovered the one living in a tree, but both of my quads are waiting for repairs before flying. That means days, that means discharging 20 batteries to 3.8v… i’ve no time for everything…

I have many fcs and frames ordered to have some more options available. That is lots of money and time… But you know, it’s just so fun!! Hehe

Never enough, man. Don’t have any brushless yet, that would be spending even more and more money. For now, i’ll stick to my 6, 7, and 8mm motor builds, with cheap goggles and transmitter. Lets see what happens… Eventually i’ll step up to brushless, because you always need more powaaahh, but not for now…

That’s exactly the route I took. I think it’s a good route.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with brushed! They’re a ton of fun.

I hear you on the time too, I never have enough without neglecting something else.

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My favorite is still my 8.5mm brushed. I have faster brushless options available … but it’s always the first one I grab. It all depends on your flying space. The most fun can always be had with something that is a good match to the space you have.

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